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Middleage Woman Approaches Essay

A middle-age woman approaches the ticket counter of an airline at a large airport and demands to see the manager. You ask If you can be of any assistance since the manager Is not available. She Immediately challenges the airline’s “No Pet Policy’ as unfair and discriminatory. She explains that she has to travel 1000 miles to attend to a sick sister. Her toy poodle, with whom she has never been separated, never barks or bites and she cannot stand the thought of her “little baby’ all alone in the dangerous, cold and dark baggage compartment.

After all she can hold the dog eighty In her arms and “dogs can freeze up there and there may be not enough alarm to breath”. The dog is clothed In a designer Jacket made for small dogs and has her nails polished bright red. The lady loudly demands she be allowed to bring her dog on board the airplane with her. If you were the customer service relation manager, how would you handle this difficult customer using your communication skills?

What would you recommend to your company to improve customer service In this situation? Customer service relation is one of the key factors of successful business, as a easiness would not exist without its customers, hence, it is essential to sustain a sturdy relationship with the customers so as not to be defeated by the existing major players present in the industry. For the reason, the arts and science of customer relationship management acts as the foundation of the business.

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In any line of business for that matter, customers should be viewed as an added value, and not only as a source of money. Customers should always be viewed as an individual, with needs, wants, desires and fears and should never be looked upon as a unified entity. When business owners’ views customers in such a manner, they fail to see the specific needs and wants of the customers, hence, losing business. Having said that, good people skills will determine good public Image, Increase sales, satisfy and create customer loyalty.

Therefore, based on the given scenario whereby I am in the shoes of the customer service relation manager, it is necessary to be able to think and act fast when being thrown into such a situation. As It is an Airline industry, there is a certain level of standard to meet the expectations of the customers; hence, when dealing with official customers such as the Impeccably dressed lady who refuses to follow the simple set of policy, an alternative plan must be discovered, as satisfying the needs of customers and maintaining customer loyalty is the key.

In this scenario whereby she refused to negotiate with the management and the company’s policy about bringing her pet dog in the plane with her, I would personally suggest a private plane package to be offered to her. Based on the outlook of her as an individual, it seems as though she Is able to afford such a package and Judging by her lifestyle and the pet go, arouses In custom-mace gleaner Jacket Walt well-manlier Tellers, seen no longer has needs but wants.

And with such a dominating and fussy personality, she would much perhaps, prefer being in a private plane package, which, although might cost a little bit more, but is well suited to her needs. In this way, as the customer service relation manager, I would still be able to abide by the rules and be able to satisfy the lady at the same time as there is definitely no exception for her to bring her dog with her in the plane.

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