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Metro 2033 Review Book Essay

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Paper type: Review

Essay on “Metro 2033”

As a child, I bought a little book in paperback. They were called “horror”.

Metro 2033 Review Book

For teenagers got into all sorts of stories, because of what you were looking for adventure on a known point.

The book Metro begins 1 1 is just such a campaign for the adventures of teenagers.

As soon as there was DJ VU

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As I have decided to read this book. Foolishly.

Yes, honestly. I do nothing to read, everything that I wanted to read for a long time has been read, but something just forgotten. So I decided to enter the Net and see “and what are there people read” ….

Well, yes raspiarenny Pops-Fantastico-thriller is quite not bad. Even sometimes pulls on 4 –

We do now widely popular all POP:. Rokopops, emopops (and other youth movements), now has a thriller-pops seem to appear and still call it “new genre” does not turn the language

Metro 2033 Review Book

Write it was “good” and “nice to read” do not raise a hand

Author done in only one -.. Dobron , normal text.

The truth is the impression that this idea belongs to several people. At least on the number of metro stations in which the hero travels.

I do not like books that can be said in one obzats. Not – utter. Why do they then need

About This Book can say in a few sentences:?!

The hero (? Does the hero) lives in bunkete (Moscow Metro) in the destruction of a nuclear war Moscow. As a child, he opened the way to the surface in some creatures. The creatures are not simple – to inspire people to know how hypnotic horror

The threat to the entire metro, from which no escape.. The guy has to overcome a dozen stations to find some formidable superfood stalker who momozhet him rasdelatsya with opastnost.

Together with the super-duper stalker they are chosen on the surface, to bomb the nest creatures.

the ending will not write just in case someone still wants to read it

My advice -. not read, wait for the movie. Here’s a movie (If our split into good special effects) will come out great. 1.5 hour thriller with all sorts of ghouls and defeated by Moscow under the popcorn – that’s it

Popsotriller ..

Metro 2033 Review Book

About the author

This sample is completed by Emma with Health Care as a major. She is a student at Emory University, Atlanta. All the content of this paper is her own research and point of view on Metro 2033 Review Book and can be used only as an alternative perspective.

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