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Metaphysical poetry and John Donne

Metaphysical poetry
Highly intellectualized, use strange imagery, use frequent paradox, and contain emteremly conceptualized thought type of poetry (1/3)

Metaphysical poetry
This kind of poetry is not regarded as a genre of poetry (2/3)

Deals with questions that can’t be explained by science (questions nature of reality in philosophical way)

Metaphysical poetry
(What kind of poetry…) Contained large doses of wit, cynicism, and irony (3/3)

Paradoxes and puns
Metaphysical poetry often mixed ordinary speech and …

Extended metaphor

John Donne
Founder of metaphysical poetry master of metaphysical conceit, poet, lawyer, priest, and satirist

John Donne
Who lived from 1572-1631?

John Donne’s writing style was…
Inventive, strong, dramatic, and sensual

Donne’s poetry concerns itself with…
A dyad (the speaker) and either a woman or God

Act of placing close together/side-by-side (for comparison or contrast)

Contrary to expectations, existing belief, or perceived notion

Play on words, used to add humor

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