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Mental Health Care Needs Paper

Mental Health Care Needs Prisons have a great amount of mentally ill inmates and there is a risk that other inmates could developmental disabilities as well. The increase of mentally Ill Inmates in the prisons is because they are in danger to the public and also that there Is a shortage of mental illness facilities. The issue of all of these mental cases In our prisons could all be easily eliminated If the community had sufficient resourceful treatment programs and other possible community programs that the mentally Ill are blew to experience.

Having these mentally Ill people roaming around the community and not being taken care of Is only going to cause problems and not make a bit of difference. Care Needs for Disabilities Prisoners that have disabilities and living In prisons will undergo more difficult ways of living than If they were living among society. In prison they will face abandonment and other disadvantages that would not be healthy towards their care. There are protection needs that they crave for and they are also delineated against.

At times there is a program within prisons where other fully capable inmates are able to be a buddy to an inmate with a disability but it is not very often that it happens. Between these two types of special needs prisoners, even doing their crime they are, what you will, do the time. It is harder survival for them if they are not placed in a safe and secure environment.

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