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Media Personal Statement Paper

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A book about TV production stated that: “for most people, television is just another of those amenities that we take for granted: it is part of our everyday life like radio, films, and newspapers”. Not for me. I am an overseas student from Vietnam who always knew from the bottom of her heart that TV and film production is what she wants to do above all else.

I remember once I read in a book: ‘the media is the most powerful entity on earth’ and ‘without education, you are not going anywhere in this world’. I wish to combine these two quotes by Malcolm X and follow my dream to become a successful producer.

Taking my first step towards my dream, I headed to the UK and became a media student at Bellerbys College, Cambridge. British education has always been well-respected for its long history of successful teaching and qualifications and that is the reason why I came here. Moreover, the media industry in the UK is developing; therefore, I expect to gain a lot more knowledge here than in any other country.

I have found that studying media in the UK is like learning the tricks of the trade. I feel like I am being led to a completely new world that is inside media and I love learning facts about it. I am gaining a solid background in media and I believe that being educated at degree level would enable me to enhance my interest in the subject as well as building up a strong foundation for my future career. Furthermore, University would enable me to expand my knowledge as a media student and I am sure I would enjoy attending the workshops.

Media Personal Statement

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Even though I only started the media course at college in January 2008, I have been involved in different aspects of media for a few years. As I am so attracted to TV and film production, I had worked on producing a variety of media projects in high school in Vietnam. This included organizing school ceremonies, setting up shows, airing the school radio station and editing the school magazine. I also have a part-time job at Budgens Ltd to improve my communication and team-work skills. These activities enabled me to coordinate and control all aspects of production, ranging from show idea development and cast hiring to fact-checking to be a successful producer.

Whilst at sixth form, as well as taking part in college life, I also like to watch commercials and shows on TV from various countries, such as Korea, Japan, America, and Britain to update my knowledge. Besides, travelling is passion of mine; it gives me the ability to see the world and to experience different cultures and life styles.

As a Vietnamese girl who has a wide knowledge about her country’s culture, I believe that I am able to introduce to the university, in the best way, my lovely mother land. Last but not least, I am currently studying Maths, Psychology and Media at A-level. I hope that Maths as well as AS-level Business studies have been invaluable in teaching me to deal with numbers so that I will be able to make my shows profitable. Psychology has provided me with an introduction to research methods and by applying its principles in my most recent media modules, I have widened my knowledge base, allowing me the opportunity to produce my own study on a contemporary topic and thus develop my skills further.

With all of my skills, my personality and my ambition, I believe that the university course I have chosen will suit me.

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