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Mcdonald’s International Marketing Strategy Paper

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This essay sample on Mcdonald’s International Marketing Strategy provides all necessary basic information on this matter, including the most common “for and against” arguments. Below are the introduction, body and conclusion parts of this essay.

1. Identify the cardinal elements in McDonald’s planetary selling scheme ( GMS ) . In peculiar. how does McDonald’s near the issue of standardisation? McDonald’s has become the most celebrated and successful fast-food eating houses all over the universe. The construct of fast nutrient and American-style nutrient ( Burgers. french friess ) has conquered the universe. We can speak about standardisation sing Mcdo’s scheme: the selling mix is fundamentally the same. Merchandises: Fast nutrient. American nutrient ( Burgers. french friess and sodium carbonate ) Monetary value: Cheap. “Burger Index” *

Promotion: American manner. mass communicating. attract kids. same trade name name. colourss and logo Topographic point: Quick service. crowded country

However. we can non talk about a entire standardisation since McDonalds has adapted its bill of fare. worsening its selling mix sing some facets of the local civilizations. * The enlargement and standardisation of the beefburger has led to the creative activity of a monetary value index that can be used as an economic mention between different states known as the Big Mac Index.

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2. Make you believe authorities functionaries in developing states such as Russia. China. and India welcome McDonald’s? Do consumers in these states welcome McDonald’s? Why or why non? We would believe that McDonalds would hold problem to turn up in states with really distant imposts or instead loath to the American manner of life. But the trade name had a really good construct.

Mcdonalds Global Marketing

McDonalds was besides a manner for these countries’ population to eat abundantly for little budgets. When McDonalds opens its first eating house in Russia. the company creates its ain supply concatenation. including farms. within the USSR. For political grounds. McDonald’s Canada was responsible for this gap. with small input from the U. S. McDonalds has managed to derive the trust of local governments and local population by working with agricultural manufacturers to develop local supply nutrient beginnings. Mentalities and civilizations have besides evolved a batch. since the beginning of globalisation. In

Asia. immature people rapidly fall in this manner of eat. because it was much more modern. However. McDonalds didn’t deny the important food’s imposts: In 1996 when McDonald’s entered in India for the first clip. it offered a Big Mac made with lamb called the Maharaja Mac.

3. At the terminal of 2003. McDonald’s announced it was selling the Donatos Pizza unit. Then. in 2006. the Chipotle concatenation was spun off. In visible radiation of these strategic actions. buttocks McDonald’s chances for success beyond the burger-and-fries theoretical account. MacDonald’s wanted to confirm itself in its nucleus concern: Burger and french friess. So they decided to concentrate on their basic construct and to abandoned concerns they believed to be complimentary. This scheme of specialisation allows:

A cost-leadership An betterment of productiveness A leader’s statue in footings of inventions An first-class market’s cognition To give clear brand’s individuality and ends better defined In making so. they wanted to restore themselves as the mention n° 1 of Burger & A ; fries’ fast-food.

4. Is it realistic to anticipate that McDonald’s – or any well-known company – can spread out globally without on occasion doing errors or bring forthing contention? Why do anti-globalization dissenters around the universe often aim McDonald’s?

I think that a company can spread out globally without needfully doing large errors. But in this instance. that company should put a batch of money in marketing research upstream but besides continually to be ever cognizant of the local environment. The local every bit good as general determinations must take into history all collected informations. Here is the ground why there are sometimes errors. It is an intricate procedure. which requires clip and money. But it goes without stating. that each operation must be consistent with each marketing’s location.

Sing McDonald’s. it is normal that all freshnesss proposed haven’t ever been liked because country’s nutrient. gustatory sensations and eating wonts are really variable depending on each population. McDonald’s has been really executing in happening a basic bill of fare that pleases about everyone.

This is that power which has Mcdo. to standardise eating wonts. that scares anti-globalists. In fact. nutrient is frequently a beloved component to 1s who wish to continue their cultural individuality. Finally. I guess it is possible to be accepted world-wide. but it is hazardous to change the traditions of the foreign state in which the company want to set up itself. Case 2: Acer’s scheme.

1. Acer’s scheme has been described as “divide and conquer. ” Explain.

Acer. founded in 1976 by Stan Shih. is the 4th computing machine maker in the universe. The Chinese group is specialized in fabrication and commercialisation of computing machines. proctors and other computing machine peripherals. The different trade names of the group are: Acer. Packard Bell. Gateway and eMachines. Contrary to McDonalds. Acer has opted for a scheme of distinction instead than standardisation. Indeed. when Stan Shih uses the phrase “divide and conquer” it’s to foreground the group’s determination to continue the individuality and personality of each group’s trade name and to utilize the privileged relation that these trade names have built over the old ages with their ain clients: Packard Bell targets the general populace

eMachines the big public “first price” Gateway marks larger companies Acer focal point on mobility to pull both consumers and the SoHo market ( Small office and Home Office )

2. How did the “global markets-local markets” paradox figure into Stan Shih’s scheme for China?

Stan Shih determination to concentrate on the Chinese market is rather self-contradictory sing the “divide and conquer strategy” : The word “divide” is a paradox because Acer wants to refocus on the Chinese market. so the mark will be much more homogenous. And on the other manus. “conquer” is non the involvement here because Chinese are already conquered. So the scheme division is rather self-contradictory every bit far as “local markets” are concerned. because the population is more unvarying. But this scheme is possibly really successful excessively at a local degree.

3. Can Acer go the world’s 3rd largest Personal computer company. behind Dell and Hewlett-Packard?

We can so conceive of that Acer may go the world’s 3rd largest Personal computer company. Since the refocus of Acer in China. the consequences have been impressive. However. it must stand out from Lenovo. To turn its market portions. Acer must hold a more planetary position and this will do the difference. If the group wants to alter this ranking. he can non keep its scheme to the Chinese market. Acer should besides better its B to C. because it is more recognized in the universe of B to B. Acer has to be more advanced and derive the trust of diverse populations.

4. Even before the current economic crisis deepened. growing in the U. S. Personal computer market had begun to decelerate down. Despite strong competition from Dell and Hewlett-Packard. Acer’s U. S. market portion increased from 1 per centum in 2004 to 3. 3 per centum by the terminal of 2006. What are Acer’s chances for deriving farther portion in the United States? It was hard for Acer to come in in the US’ market: Dell and HP have a monopoly in the Personal computer at that place.

The United States enlargement is really closely linked to the meeting with the American computing machine hardware maker Gateway. while the European move is related to the acquisition of the Packard Bell company. Acer’s purpose is to offer a broad scope of computing machines: the determination to maintain the different trade names by look intoing that they don’t overlap is an ideal combination. EMachines offers inexpensive desktop. Acer made inexpensive laptops and Gateway is located in the midrange and high terminal. This is likely what has allowed Acer to increase its market portion. and it is likely thanks to its inexpensive scope that the crisis hasn’t had any impact on its growing in the United States.

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