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Maya Angelou Essay Paper

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Maya Angelo Maya Angelo born Marguerite Ann Johnson on April 4, 1928 and raised in SST. Lolls Missouri and Stamps, Arkansas Is an Author, great Poet, historian, songwriter, and much more. She was the first black woman director in Hollywood and she also delivered a poem at the inauguration for president Bill Clinton at his request called “On The Pulse of The Morning”. Maya Angelo also was a civil rights activist who was fortunate enough to be able to work with DRP. Martin Luther King Jar.

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She is also known for the many books she has written one of the greatest of all time Is “l know why the age bird sings”. (Www. Poets. Org) In my pollen Maya Angelo Is an all around great person I think she has Inspired us all in ma Poem 1 Is called “Alone” By Maya Angelo. The poem “Alone” is about it doesn’t matter how much money or anything you have you can’t do something alone. It’s also saying that everybody needs help with something that you can’t do everything by yourself eventually you will need somebody and their help.

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The poem begins to shift when in the first stanza at the beginning of the poem It’s saying how she was trying to find her OLL a home basically saying she was alone to the third stanza where It says that even millionaires with money still need help with something they can’t do it by themselves even though they have expensive doctors to cure their hearts and so forth. (Www. Poets. Org) Maya Angelo calls poem 2 “Still I Rise”. The poem “Still I Rise” is mainly about her saying that If you don’t care for her she will not let that bring her down, and that the more you try and bring her down she will continue to rise.

She’s also stating that she doesn’t care what they think of her she will continue to be her while striving for the est. and talking about her and not liking her doesn’t bother her she continues to keep going at whatever she’s doing not mattering what you are trying to do to hurt or stop her or even bring her down. The poem beings to shift starting at the first stanza at the beginning of the poem stating that you can write her down in history with your bitter, twisted lies but still she rise which means you can do what you want to her she’s not going to let It stop her to the second stanza where It says “Does my gassiness upset you? Which basically she Is asking does the way she carries herself ND how and what she does bother them. (WV. Poets. Org) Critic’s say Maya Angelo uses too many past experiences when she writes her poems. Another critic says that she somewhat criticizes other poet’s work which they say Is a form an Inhumanity. They also say she discusses other writer’s social condition’s. A very Interesting critic to me says that In her autobiography has a form of imprisonment because of her telling what happened to her in her childhood other girls who read it may grow up into women with that consciousness.

But there were also some good critic’s saying that she tells the truth and that they like it also one more says that they like the sense of “black-speech rhythms”. (Www. Bookings. Com/ criticisms/Maya_Angelo). I don’t agree with most of the critic’s and what they say about her I love Maya Angelo as a poet and her poems have Inspired me In many Deterrent ways. Me personally I don’t tank any poem or anything can Inspire you good or bad unless you let it. I also agree with the critic who says she uses “black-speech rhythms” I absolutely love it.

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