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“Matilda” Review Paper

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Essay on “Matilda”

Most happy parents simply can not praise enough on their offspring. Standard situation when the mother sings an ode to his little son, who, on closer inspection turns out to be, at best, ordinary loafers. There are also severe cases, when the blind adoration leads to the fact that the parents manage to be seen in his offspring all the signs of genius and good if they really are present, and if not? To the worse? Yes to the child in the first place and, of course, his teacher.

But there are times, and radically opposed, when parents show no interest in their children, and even those parents is much worse and more dangerous than those vostorzhonnyh. It’s about these would-be parents will be discussed in the book “Matilda”, or rather, not only for them but also for their daughter, whose genius they stubbornly refuse to notice about her teacher, which fortunately does not remain indifferent.

imagine a child who is one and a half years and has a fluent vocabulary as an adult, or who in three years he learned to read and re-read all four books in the children’s section of the local library. It was later Charlotte Bronte, Ch.Dikkens, J. Austen, E.Heminguey and many others …. Now imagine parents who believe all this nonsense and to the request of his daughter to buy a book, say: “A TV set on that?»

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I am among the first parents of type (I can not help it.: )), which is why so indignant when reading this book. How could you not notice that your baby is special? By the way, I borrowed a book from his daughter, after she said it was her favorite. Read three hours in one breath and realized why she she liked so much, the author has a wonderful way of submission, a great sense of humor, add to that some of the narrative innocence (children still book) and mysticism (where without it), plus fun illustrations by Quentin Blake of the original edition, – here and get interesting and informative book for the child and for the adult, because we all come from childhood

it is a pity that this book is not got to me in my childhood. but in 1988 she was recognized as the best baby book as Dr. When I was in first grade, then I probably would lay down to sleep with her, as it did with all my favorite books:)

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