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Mary Rowlandson, Essay

In the story by Mary Rowlandson about her captivity displays many things about experience. She viewed the experience as if she had went to hell and the Indians that held her captive were demons; "Oh, the roaring and singing and dancing and yelling of those black creatures in the night, which made the place a lively resemblance of hell."Her views on the Indians were in reflection of the views of those from Europe and from her colony. They all believed that the Indians were savages that had no purpose in life and being with them made you less god-like. Mary refers to the Indians as "ravenous beasts", and "barbarous creatures", showing her thoughts of them. Throughout the whole situation Mary believes that God is punishing her, and views the ordeal as a lesson to be learned. She is constantly referring passages from the bible in relation to the captivity. She also views herself as a more God-like figure than the Indians. Mary is very prejudice towards the whole situation, even when the Indians start to treat her with kindness. A person in 2002 would have handled the whole ordeal differently because even though prejudice still does exist in society, it is not as distinctive as is was then. The majority of Americans views every color of skin as an equal or close to it, and would have viewed the Indians, not as beasts, but just as criminals for kidnapping them. I do not think that anyone would enjoy being held captive, but the views are very different since the time of Mary Rowlandson.

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