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Mary Dyer Essay

Even before Mary Dyer met herfirst inspiration of her life, Anne Hutchinson, she wanted to live out her beliefs in God even if she would die in the end.Mary believed that God didn't only speak to the leaders of the churches, the men, but he spoke to everyone no matter if they were male or female.When Mary met Anne she was amazed that a woman had the same overview on how God reached people.A Puritan minister named John Winthrop didn't like the fact that these women joined together and believed what they did.Since Anne was the leader of this, her punishment was death.Mary had a trial and was banned from Massachusetts.
Losing her friend didn't make Mary stop carrying out the beliefs her and Anne had together.When Mary took a trip to England she met another important person who made an impact on her life.His name was George Fox.He was the founder of the Quakers.He told Mary that the Puritans didn't go far enough to form Christianity and God's revelation was free for anyone, male or female.Mary decided to become a Quaker and carry out the beliefs with a new set of people.
Despite the laws that were set against the Quakers, Mary still wouldn't stop spreading what she believed.If the Quakers were caught, they would either get their ears cut off, tongue pierced with a hot iron, whipped or even killed.In 1659, Mary and two friends went to Boston, they were arrested and tried for religious beliefs.The sentence for the three Quakers was to be hung.Mary's son convinced the governor to let his mother go.She stayed in jail for a little bit and Governor Endecott tried to convince her to give up her Quaker faith.
Mary refused and went on with the hanging. She wanted to get her word across to all Puritans. Governor Endecott was afraid that Mary would still get her word across to the people that gathered to watch her hang while they walked to the hanging place.He ordered th…

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