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Poplita Paper

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Paper type: Essay , Subject: Book Reviews

Essay on “Maroussia. Book 1. Talisman immortality”

This book – a new project Poplita. The advertisement stated that it’s our response to Harry Potter. Well, I’m like everyone else, Harry Potter until the third book of love in general, bought and bought. I read. Damn, it’s just durilka. Write a review than that, we can only write what a fool I am.

What is durilka?

hastily done something similar to a book, then wildly advertised. People buying. The purpose – just to collect money, while people do not raschuhal, it’s just a cover letter. Nobody, of course, this will not be read, because there is even such a desire it to someone read, no. There’s the main thing that just bought. Bought, thank you, you can just throw away, you do not fool twice to make it more and read. It’s bad enough that just bought, for more, we did not expect. Sometimes, though, if this dummy is made more cunning, then it may even appear a sequel, however, the reader does not have the Loch and is usually on the first continuation and everything dies. But by the time the grandmother has beaten back, the kids on molochishko publisher earned


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What did I

And I’m a fool, with three times -.? The third time I am a fool, that I write this review. Well, that, but I now know that this publishing project, and even participated in it as a sucker-divorced. It seems to be necessary to get angry, cursing, saying that garbage slipped, berate them, this product and so on. But judge for yourself, if I still swear I will, I’m just the fourth time will be a fool. Think, it is worth three times the fool and swears, but it’s this kind of advertising. No, do not wait, it’s better I’m here to tell the public what I fool myself poreklamiruyu. And said, I pray you, that I am a fool, a fool, and once again fool.

So what am I doing?

By the way, why bukmiksa administration did not open the betting project in which each would have bet on the survivability of such projects?

About the author

This sample paper is crafted by Elizabeth. She studies Communications at Northwestern University. All the content of this paper is just her opinion on Poplita and can be used only as a possible source of ideas and arguments.

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