Physical Evidence Of Coca Cola

The services marketing mix is also called the ups and includes the addition of process, people and physical evidence. 3. Ups of Neurotransmitter: Product means the goods and services combination the company offer to the target racket. Price: Price is the amount of money customer must pay to obtain the product. 4. Ups of Marketplace: Place includes company activities that make the product available to target customers. Promotion: Promotion means activities that communicate the merits of product and persuade target customers to buy it.

5. ACS of Marketing’s is also important for marketing mix.

The four CSS includes-O Customer Solutions Customer Cost Convenience Communication 6. Coca Cola Founded in beverage concentrates and syrups, used to produce more than 230 beverage brands. The corporate headquarters are in Atlanta, with local operations in nearly 200 countries around the world. The Coca Cola Company is a leader in the coke’s industry, with thousands of employees and offices in the entire world, making it an emporium of beverages. 7. Vision & Mission The Coca-Cola Company vision statement is to be “the leader in the beverages industry’.

The company’s main goal is to keep being number one selling coke in the world and to increase their incomes, the same way they have done in their past years. 8. Strengths The products that this company produces are hard to copy. These products have added value The quality of the products reaches highest standards Is a leader in the industry Is known in all the world 9. Marketing Mix of Coca Collateralized Product: The Coca- Cola Company’s products include beverage concentrates and syrups, with the main product being finished beverages.

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Sprite Marketing Mix

The business has over 300 brands of beverages around the world with the main ones being Coke, Fauna, Lift, Sprite, and Powered. Different Price: The prices of Coca-colas products vary according to the brand and the size. Each sub-brand of coca cola has different pricing strategy. Their racing strategy is based on the competitors pricing, Pepsi is the direct competitor to coke. 10. Marketing Mix of Coca Collaborationist Activities: The Coca-Cola Company sells its products by bottling and canning operations.

The distributors reached the coke to the wholesalers and the wholesalers reached it to retailers. And at last the customers buy coca cola from retailer shop. Promotion Activities: Advertising The Coca-Cola Company uses advertising as its main source of increasing consumer awareness. It mainly uses the television. There are many television advertisements on Coca-Cola products. This source allows the company’s products to reach a large audience. 11. Coca-Cola in Evenhandedness-Cola is the most popular and biggest- selling soft drink insisting, as well as the best-known product in the world.

Cochlea is the oldest brand in Bangladesh. From the last 50 yearbooks cola has been marketing its products through electroencephalograms of Bangladesh. However, now it is marketed Abdul Money Limited. It marketed coca cola under authority of the coca cola company, USA and distributes focal-Cola, Sprite and Fauna in Bangladesh. 12. Marketing mix of Coca Cola in Bangladesh:product: Coca Cola offers two efferent sweet and flavored cola in our country. This is normal cola and another is dieting Cola. Coca Cola does not frequently change its taste.

It has many nutritional values similar to Pepsi. It serves different type of beverage like Sprite, Fauna, etc. Price: Coca Cola Bangladesh Limited always tries to keep a standard price. It also offers promotional discounts, allowances, credit terms and payment period for the stores and Restaurants. Coca Cola, furthermore, offers discounts in a family size bottle frequently. To thing consumer buying power the coca cola company manufacture efferent types of can for our countries people, so that they can easily buy it. 13.

Marketing mix of Coca Cola in Bangladesh:place: Coca Cola Bangladesh Limited has a strong distribution channel to distribute their Coca Cola. They make Coca Cola easy to get and available to the customer everywhere through their expert distributors channel. Their transport facilities, channels of distribution, coverage area, etc. Are maintained very securely. Promotion: Coca cola spends millions of dollar for and color to advertise. Coca Cola makes sales promotion, advertising, force selling, public relations, direct marketing, etc.

Sometimes local and international games inaugurated by the help of coca cola Bangladesh Ltd. 14. Summary’s Cola now a brand all around the word. Every day they promote their market every corner of the world. More than 60 percent soft drinks liked people like coca cola. They have different kinds of products like Coke, Sprite, Fauna, Lift etc. They always try to provide their product with low price with different packaging. As it is a soft drink, Coca-Cola Company follows Intensive Distribution. It is found more or less everywhere in Bangladesh. In terms of promotions they use Emotional Appeal.

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