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Disney Marketing Disney’s earnings fell by 25% in 2009, reaching S 3. 3 billion. Global economic downturn largely reduce the number of tourists visiting the park Disney Land while companies also spend less money for advertising campaigns on television programs that the company offers. Reduced advertising revenue, fare in the complex theme park and revenue from the DVD release reduce the negative impact to profitability.

Cable television division revenue decreased 8%.

The Cultural Environment – Through this environment, we can know the cultural values and social attitudes of the people. Each environment may be an opportunity but also a threat for any company. These are intangible factors but have a large role, especially as it affects the psychology and buying behavior of customers. Particularly the sustainability of the core cultural values and specific cultural actors will greatly affect marketing decisions, therefore, not only as marketing staff that any company taking customer focus needs to be addressed.

– Disneyland is one of the pride of the American people, the success in California, USA and Tokyo – Japan has confirmed more prestigious and competitive position of Disney.

Walt Disney Target Market

But to our surprise that it was this giant failure on the “battlefield” in Europe. When vaguely intend to open another theme park of Disney, more than 200 localities worldwide has proposed Disney park at their hometown. Paris was chosen because more than 1 7 million Europeans live within a radius of two ours by car to Paris, 310 million people could fly there in that time or less.

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Moreover, the French government has drawn Disney with all kinds of incentives with a total value of more than $ 1 billion because of the hope that the project will create about 30,000 jobs for France . But the lack of understanding of cultural European culture has created a barrier separating the Disney executives to succeed.

Shortly after the Euro – Disneyland opened , the gates of the park were French farmers tractor knocked down. After that there are problems in the operation process, Disney has a policy of not Irving alcohol in the park and it surprised the people of the country that each meal with a glass of wine of course. Disney thought that: Monday is the day away, while Friday was crowded day and arrange staff to think that, but in fact quite the opposite. Disney heard that: the French do not eat breakfast should build small restaurant when in fact everyone has had breakfast. So put in the right situation for 2500 dining in a 350 seat restaurant.

But the biggest problem of the Euro Disneyland as Europeans seem to consider the park is the place to go during the day, not resting place so they are usually in – 2 days. Meanwhile Disney plans to stay long should have invested billions of dollars to build the luxury hotels near park and most of the time about half of the rooms are empty, the number of visitors and the French do not East as Disney plans: in 1 994 only 40% of the total. Many tourists are Americans living in Europe and Japan on vacation in Europe! As a result , by the end of 1 994, Euro-Disneyland losses totaling $ 2 billion. Disney was forced to change strategy. First of all, the name was changed to Disneyland Paris park ; design, food and style of service is changed.

The items sold in the gift shop also carry features of Disney rather than bring French style. Finally, admission and discount hotel rooms are down 1/3. The result is the number of visitors has increased from 8. 8 million in 1994 to 11. Million in 1996.

The Natural Environment Geographical location: United States is located in North America, eastern is North Atlantic, western is North Pacific, the northern border with Canada, and the southern border with Mexico. US is the economic center of the world so it should be favorable for the development of industries, especially the entertainment industry. 4th Demographic Environment – Demographic segments in the macro environment related to population, age structure, geographic distribution, ethnic and income distribution. The first force must monitor is the population, because people make up markets. Marketing people do deeply concerned about the scale and rate of population growth in cities, regions and different countries, the distribution of age and ethnic structure, education level, household patterns families, as well as the characteristics and movements of the region.

– Ethnicity: The racial ND ethnic structure is very different. Japan is one extreme, because there everyone is Japanese, and the United States, located at the other extreme, because people originating from almost all countries. Each population group has certain expectations and certain shopping habits. – Depending on your age, sex and physiological changes, the animated character be the children loved “transformed” from the prince, princess, superhero or Barbie dolls, from the heroes in fiction to sports athletes, from the famous singer to the circus clown, from cartoon characters to the real example. Capture those heartsickness Walt Disney Company, the owner of numerous children’s favorite characters on a global scale.

After recognition Of the dominant role in the market for girls of village entertainment industry, Walt Disney recently launched Disney CD, a brand aimed at 6-14 year-old boy, audience but the researchers believe that global profits of up to $ 50 million. MARKETING MIX Target Market – Potential market: children need to see animation – Available market a collection of families with children, income, interest in the field of animation -The qualified available market: a collection of people n the market and have the desire to see the cartoons of Walt Disney. D Standard segment of the market: market segments by age ; Children under 6 years of age: the cartoon picture simple, colorful, witty humor (Tom and Jerry, Donald Duck). ; From 6 to 20 years: richer video content, the film revolves around the issue of ethics, formed in the subconscious good cultural values, discoveries, life experience, fun things of the outside world (Spenserian, Snow White and the seven dwarfs, the Little Mermaid) ; Over 20 years old: film about big emotions, the higher moral ales that people need to look to as environmental protection, against war ( Tarzan, Chicken Run ) Price Superior quality allows Walt Disney demanding higher prices , improvements can lead to higher prices and lower unit costs. These three factors together help to Walt Disney to create higher value by lowering costs or make a difference in the product compared to its competitors, allowing Disney to do better than its competitors.

Product – Children are always a concern and must be special educate seriously. Understand that Disney has introduced a form of entertainment that is animated in order to satisfy the needs of the children – Trademark Walt Disney brand stands for: imagination, healthy, fun and quality of American entertainment. In addition, the logo is a stylized version of signature of the founder, which gives it that is owned by Walt Disney Brothers Walt Disney Company logo is a symbol of quality and it makes the customers have a loyalty to our brand. O Keep people always ” Mackey minded ” Support Services enriched prod cuts: Customer service is a key element in the product strategy . When customers see the Walt Disney movie in the theater, they may receive preferential reveries from companies such as discount movie tickets, programs attractive gifts for lucky audience.

The company’s service aims to make cartoons become attractive. Distribution Distribution channels include: ; Indirect channels: Walt Disney Pictures & Television, a subsidiary of the Group, specialized in the production and acquisition of the plastic film and television for redistribution under the brand Walt Disney Pictures, Touchstone Pictures, Hold)wood Pictures. In addition, Walt Disney film distribution and marketing through marketing companies and their distribution in the U. S. And key foreign markets ; Direct channels: direct distribution Walt Disney tapes, video discs under its various brands for the U.

S. Domestic market. On the international market, company use both indirectly and directly distribution through the foreign issuer. Walt Disney development, production and distribution of animated films for various stations around the world, including the main channels, Disney Channel and cable broadcasters under two brands Walt Disney Television and Buena Vista Television. 5.

Promotion C] The form of advertising: ; Ads on TV ; Outdoor Advertising Advertising through internet ; Public Relations ; Promotion IV) LESSON Disney – successful brand with famous animated character and loved throughout the world, such as Mackey Mouse or Donald Duck. And behind these success is a commercial art. Whenever referring to the American entertainment industry’, people always mention Walt Disney ; one of the world’s leading entertainment corporations with annual revenues of more than $ 2. 2 billion. But perhaps few people know that the mighty Walt Disney Corporation today started out with just two mouse and 2 cartoon duck.

Until owe, when in the hands of thousands of vivid character animation, funny animal world still play an important role in creating attractive and great appeal of Disney. The marketing strategies has bring success to Disney are Disneyland, park simulates the animal world in Florida, USA and palatable park Mackey. We can say, thanks to the unique marketing strategies that Walt Disney had reversed the decrease in sales of the company began in 1980 and moved to strong growth and increased market share continuously in the following years. The index measuring perceptions and feelings Disney brand increased significantly, especially among younger customers. Of course, not all companies have the financial resources to build the amusement parks such as Walt Disney, but the lessons from the Walt Disney very clear: The moment of relaxation and entertainment pleasure, if the connection with the brand, will contribute to building a successful strategy to attract customers in the business.

In my opinion, Sets out a strategy for the company is not an easy thing, it is a process of research of administrators. When show a strategy for company, manager must to find out the external factors affecting he company and the possibility that the company may offer for that strategy to achieve the goal.

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