Burberry Market Analysis

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The buyer of the razor should be men aged 20-34 and should belong to pre-married ABA, CLC socio-economic groups. Strategy By targeting selected costumers and offering them particularly described product company should achieve chosen objectives. Up’s mix Product Source: Presentation week 7 “Product” Attributes Barberry’s new razor should have very high quality blades made from expensive material for long lasting performance. Core product should also have at least four blades since most of the razors in today’s market have from 3 to 5 blade system.

There should be lubricating layer with vitamin e and aloe (for more comfortable shave).

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Products handle should consist of unique the Barberry check mixed with stainless steel or some other luxury looking material. Another important thing is boxing, it should attract people attention with its color shape and material. Benefits This product should satisfy its buyer with extremely fashionable and unique design, comfortably fit the contours of the hand, providing a smooth, firm grip and superior shaving results.

Values The main companies values – traditions, uniqueness, style and luxury should be seen in this new Barberry’s razor. Positioning

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Burberry Market Analysis
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