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France Essay

Social landscape France has Rupee’s second-highest birth rate, and has shown an upward trend since the sass. France’s birth rate of around two children per woman in 2010 makes it one of only two European countries that could maintain their current population based on present trends. The problem of an aging population is becoming more apparent. Additional government expenditure between now and 2050 due to increased pensions, healthcare, and dependency care related to the aging population is predicted to be more than 4% of GAP. Technological landscape

France has a favorable innovation climate, which is reflected in the large number of patents received. In 2010, the total number of patents received from the US Patent and Trademark Office (SPOT) reached 124,723, which indicates the country’s strong support for innovation and R. The government’s interventionist attitude, as seen in the case of Internet advertising, and the ongoing withdrawal of business-friendly schemes like the Young Innovative Company (YOGIC) concept will affect Industrial growth, and could reduce investments In the country. Legal landscape

Foreign investments increased by 22% In 2010, with 782 projects leading to nearly 32,000 Jobs, an increase of 6% compared to 2009. Many of these projects were related to the renewable energy sector. In 2010, foreign companies based In France created two million Jobs. Many of the government’s tax and labor reforms have been met with cynicism and public protests. The government Is planning to Increase weekly working hours to 39 from the current 35 and abolish the wealth tax Limp¶t De solidarity© sure la fortune. However, these moves are bound to face public outrage and demonstration.

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