This essay sample on Market Screening provides all necessary basic info on this matter, including the most common “for and against” arguments. Below are the introduction, body and conclusion parts of this essay.

For example a low level employee has a question, and asks a high level employee (Higher on scale then low level) the high level employee may have an answer that Is Incorrect; the low level employee will take that answer as the correct one Just because of the class difference.

That low level employee’s mindset Is, If he Is higher In the company then me, he must know more than me. 3. Masculinity Femininely- How male orientated or female orientated a country is. Example 1- Canada is 52 on the scale, meaning we treat men and women fairly equal.

Example 2- Sweden is 5 on the scale, meaning they treat women favorably, it is a country run by a woman, so this could affect how business is run. This dimension has a huge effect on how businesses are run because of how people treat co workers.

4. Uncertainty avoidance- This explains how many risks a country is willing to take. If they have a high uncertainty index, they are run by the book, no room to breathe no mistakes, everything is in order all the time. The opposite goes for Low index, the country is willing to take many risks in order to improve.

What Is Market Screening

Both of these go for how a country/business can be UN, if it is high the business will not be open to change, and if it is low the business welcomes change with open arms.

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5. Long + short term orientation- This is how open a culture/business focuses on rep or status in my opinion. If a country like China has a business with the idealism of a Long term orientation they keep their employee’s, people stay in 1 business for a life time. In fact that business is there life that same place may own everything in an area, the company owns the schools, the cars, the hospitals, and it becomes a community. The opposite goes for countries like

Culturally both countries are different from each other, and will affect management. Canada is a very Multilingualism collect so Adam will nave many smallness when trying to manage in a very group orientated fashion. Canada having a low PDP indicates that there isn’t as much of a class system as Brazil being at 69, so because of this class system Adam is going to have to treat his workers differently to get the message across, maybe not as many questions being asked to workers, but Just being demanding and straight forward.

In Canada there should/is a mutual respect teens managers and workers, in Brazil being higher on the PDP scale, the workers and managers respect each other; but the workers feel a bit less free around the manager, and a bit more oaf underdog. Adam comes from a very neutral masculine and feminine country, and Brazil is almost the same, so the management change from Canada to Brazil will be very neutral and won’t give him many problems. Areas that have a neutral masculine and feminine country wouldn’t have as many problems as a masculine dominant society or feminine dominant.

When Adam first goes to Brazil to begin management, he will have problems with uncertainty because Canada is very open to change, and is happy with what they have, Canada is right in the middle for the most part. But when Adam first goes to Brazil the workers there might have a problem with him already Just from the initial change that he might implement. Brazil has a high ALAI so as Adam Joins in the workers will have to change work habits right off the bat to suit Adam to some degree. Brazil has a very long term orientation type of society.

When people start a Job; the expectation is that they will pep the Job for a long time, and will have a lot of Job security. If someone is out of line and not doing what they are expected of, Adams can’t Just give someone 2 weeks’ notice that they must leave, the idea is to keep people for a long time, and train them so they are efficient in their Job. Canada is literally the opposite, people in Canada move Jobs constantly so Adam is going to change himself to get used to this new type of culture. 3. The selection regarding hiring Adams doesn’t change much because of the knowledge of international business that he has himself.

Adams still has knowledge f Portuguese language, but is not anything fantastic, but he does have knowledge of English which is a primary language in business, and Spanish. So because of this I’m sure that Adams will be fine in Brazil understanding main business languages. Language skills are a huge importance in the business world, and Adams has the main business languages (English, Spanish), and understanding of Portuguese, so his knowledge of the languages will be very beneficial to his management skills.

The use of a translator should not be required, Adam has said that he can speak English, Spanish and understands Portuguese, so because of this understanding of languages, Adams should be able to figure things out for himself. It is understandable if there are small needs of assessment within the language barriers, but Adams knowledge of all the languages should be beneficial to putting the pieces of languages together. Spanish and Portuguese are very similar languages, so Adams should be fine.

Problems that may occur with Adams language barrier is the fluency with Portuguese. He should be able to figure things out for himself, but I anticipate that there might eventually need a translator. Also with Adams managing there, he will learn over time to speak Portuguese fluently over time. 4. Brazil is one of the Burl countries. Inure are 4 Burl countries: Brazil, Ursula, IANAL, Ana Canaan. Nine Burl countries are four major countries that are major business countries with a lot of profit to be made in each of them.

Brazil is one of these Brick countries, and in the last few years Brazil has had a new government which changed the trade barriers within it so more business can be dealt with. Bombardier made these decisions based on the market screening process, Brazil: Basic Needs, Demand, Legal forces, Geographical screen, competitive, and final selection. Brazil needed to answer all of these screening processes better than average. Basic needs of Brazil- Brazil is in need of industrial corporations and is growing all the time, the CIA fact book shows the amount of Labor force – by occupation: Agriculture: 20% Industries: 14% services:

Brazil is growing constantly and the more companies like Bombardier making Brazil a host country is making more profit themselves, and also pushing Brazil closer to a fully developed country with more services instead of Agricultural Jobs. More Jobs is utter for Brazil and the labor cost is lower than in the US, so Bombardier makes more profits. Economic/Financial- Compared to other countries, Brazil has a low inflation rate of 4. 2%,

This is very low even for a Brick country, Russia for instance has 1 1. % inflation rate, so Brazil is great to go into in that regard. The exchange rates aren’t bad as well Exchange rates: Real (BRB) per US dollar – 2. 0322 (2009), a bit high but can work with it. Legal + Political- Brazil is a Federal republic – a state in which the powers of the central government are restricted and in which the component parts (states, colonies, or roving’s) retain a degree of self-government; ultimate sovereign power rests with the voters who chose their governmental representatives.

This allows trade agreements and trade barriers to be lowered and allow more things to go through. The entry barriers are small; most things go through now that there is a new government. With the new government, people in smaller towns vote for their own government, and they have a choice. So the government is stable if the people are happy. Coloratura- Brazil is a very time oriented society for the most part regarding life in a business. People in Brazil focus on staying somewhere for a long time, so the culture would be similar to the business world.

Cultures are based on time, older cultures stay with the community rather than new cultures being created and put into play. Brazil is a great culture to get into with a multi conglomerate like Bombardier, because it is a Brick country but the culture would accept something that may increase Jobs and value of the community/country. Competition- Competition within Brazil is not much for Bombardier, Brazil has services and industries but Bombardier does so many different things, Jet skies, boats, and makes a huge market hat is hard to compete with.

Industries within Brazil are: textiles, shoes, chemicals, cement, lumber, iron ore, tin, steel, aircraft, motor vehicles and parts, other machinery and equipment. Given all of the other businesses in Brazil it gives an outline of what competition Bombardier will have, and given a quick look these businesses don’t focus on the same things, so Brazil is open to a organization like this. Final Selection- Brazil passes all of the screening processes with flying colors, lots of labor cheaper than the US, not much competition, very cultural so the sooner

Bombardier gets Into Brazil ten Taster people would Jolt Ana ten longer people would be there. Brazil is in need of more services and industries so having new factory building/selling bombardier products will give Jobs and increase Brazier’s rep having a huge organization there. Brazil has a new political system and a new government, making it cheaper and more effective moving in Brazil then other Brick countries. Brazil would be a fantastic new market for Bombardier to move into because of how well it passes the market screening, it is a great place to make an amazing profit and to expand into a host country.

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