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market analysis of greenwich Paper

MARKET ANALYSIS Customer behavior/ flow of customers In the heart of Cabanatuan City, there lies a fast food restaurant that truly serves amazing and mouth-watering dishes, located at the NE Pacific mall Greenwich Pizzas is Just one of the top ranking fast foods not only among the province of Nueva EciJa but also to the whole country. It is not surprising how successful this food corporation is because as we observed how they care for their customers, we noticed that Greenwich do exert efforts in order to serve their customers well.

They are committed in reaching out for their customer’s needs and wants when it comes to food services that are Just some of the great factor in building customer loyalty. The Management leverages every instance of customer feedback as an opportunity for learning, growth and improvement across the organization that’s why they are always improving even on a daily basis. As a result, we see that Greenwich customers are indeed happy of the service that they are giving to them.

There’s no an hour that this fast food centre is not occupied by even at least 10-15 consumers. Others come again and again due to the fact that eating there is also a pleasure; it gives them a hundred percent contentment and bliss while dining with their loved ones. Because of this, we see no doubt why Greenwich has always been a great place for dining. Customers are always treated as the king and queens of their food kingdom, great foods are assured for every serving in our table.

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