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Because of IM, we stayed strong for almost two hundred years. Mans MUSM always wanted the best for his kingdom, and had to make sacrifices along the way to get It where It Is today. Mans MUSM filled the criteria of a leader perfectly, If not better than prior leaders such as Sundials. When Sundials died, Mans MUSM, a skilled military leader, took over and expanded Mall greatly. He appointed governors to rule the provinces that he had taken over. These governors ruled fairly and efficiently under Mans Muss’s rule.

This shows how Mans MUSM deeply cared about the lives of his clansman, and made sure all areas of his kingdom were fairly ruled over. He built mosques in Timeout, an important trading city, which attracted numerous Muslims that helped the kingdom of Mali prosper. It attracted judges, doctors, religious leaders, and scholars. This just goes to show you how skillful he was, and how he skillfully attracted important people to his kingdom.

When Mans MUSM decided to go on his hajj to Mecca, he had it all planned out.

He wanted this trip to be unforgettable, and to give others around the world a reason to come to Mali. He brought sixty thousand people with him, 500 being slaves. He also brought 100 camels, and in total, 192,000 ounces of gold. In no way was he shy about his surplus of gold, for showing off his riches was the point of the trip. One of his most famous stops along the way was when he went to Cairo and gave away so much gold, Cairo suffered a horrible inflation period where their money was basically worthless, and didn’t get their money system back to normal for about ten years.

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Whos Mansa Musa

By showing off the gold, and handing showering the lands he passed with it, it made others want more, and made them want to come to Mali, instead of him having to cross the Sahara to get to them. Even though he took gold from his people, it was used for the better. Because of this trip counterclaiming Mali and its surplus of gold, mapmakers started showing Mali on their maps, and more traders started braving the cruel weather of the Sahara to go to Mali. Also we got a more efficient trade route. Along with this,

Muslim schools and architecture started to be built In Mall, bringing a more concrete education and religion to the kingdom. Overall, Mans MUSM gambled his position as ruler over Mali by making the trip across the Sahara to Mecca. By doing this, he lost followers, but also gained more respect from his even more devoted citizens. He united his kingdom, attracted Europeans and other provinces to Mall for trade, and In the long run, saved money and the lives of those who would have had to do that trip numerous times Just to trade.

He made the smart decision to spend lots of money to take one trip, then a good amount of money numerous times Just to trade every so often with neighboring kingdoms. Mans MUSM made history by taking this pilgrimage, and got his kingdom on several maps seen my thousands of people. For some, teen may De Electroplates Tanat Mans MUSM “Detracted” teen, Duty Tort ten rest of us, we thank him for his bold move, and talent in advertising for making Mali not just one of several kingdoms of Africa, but a well recognized, and prosperous kingdom of Africa.

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