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Manifesto of the Communist Party Essay

This paper is analysis of part one of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels' Manifesto of
the Communist Party. [1]In particular the text will be situated historically, as well as within a
scheme of development of Marxist thought.The main problem and arguments of the text
will be explored with emphasis on Marx's outline of the historical development of
capitalism, as well as the development of the capitalist and working classes.
The Manifesto of the Communist Party was written in 1847 by Karl Marx and
Friedrich Engels for the Communist League of London.It is this Manifesto that Marxfirst
applies his concept of historical materialism, which he constructed in 1846 in The German
Ideology.This alternative theory of history synthesized materialism and idealism to
ultimately describe society as a social totality; with the mode of production being a historical
phenomenon giving rise to civil society.Following the Manifesto, Marx and Engels
continue to apply historical materialism to society, as seen in Capital.Capital was written in
1867 by Marx and Engels, and it focused on analyzing the capitalist mode of production.In
particular this work uses dialectical thinking to explain Marx's theory of exploitation; a
theory which explains the origins of profits as the exchange of the fixed variable of labour
for the potential variable of the product of labour.
Part one of the Manifesto of the Communist Party focuses on explaining the
emergence of capitalism, and the resulting social classes that emerge out of this new mode of
production.Foremost Marx notes that capitalism comes forth out of the context of feudal
society."The feudal system of industry, under which industrial production was
monopolized by closed guilds, now no longer sufficed for the growing wants of the new
markets.The manufacturing system took its place." …

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