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Manhunt James Swanson Paper

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Paper type: Essay , Subject: Abraham Lincoln

a ) In Manhunt. by James L. Swanson. John Wilkes Booth assassinates Abraham Lincoln because he has really strong beliefs that African Americans should hold rights. In the success of Lincoln’s effort to continue the Union and liberate the slaves. Booth took affairs into his ain custodies by killing Lincoln. Although this was a really utmost manner to cover with things. I can link Booth’s passion to myself. His cause was non good. but he set out to make what is right in his eyes and did it. I can link his motive in making things to myself. My passion is to populate my life as environmentally friendly as I perchance can. Some things I do are take caps off H2O bottles. and convey them to centres where they collect them. I ever try to acquire my ma to merely purchase merchandises that were made from recycled stuffs this manner there is less refuse in landfills. This is something I am really passionate about as Booth was in rights of African Americans.

James L. Swanson

B ) I can associate Manhunt to ‘Romeo and Juliet’ by William Shakespeare. There is a similarity between John Wilkes Booth and Romeo in the manner that they are really rash characters/people. They both don’t use their caputs. and this ends them both up in bad places. Booth thinks by hiting Lincoln this will profit the cause of the South. but it ends up doing a large muss for the whole state. Romeo thinks by killing Tybalt. Juliet’s cousin. this will revenge the decease of his friend Mercutio. but he ends up being banished destroying his relationship with Juliet. Both their programs end up in convulsion because of their unprompted behaviour. If they would hold thought things through more they could hold seen that their actions were absurd. and would non ensue in any type of benefit to either of their causes.

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degree Celsius ) Martin Luther King Jr. was another great leader like President Abraham Lincoln who believed in equal rights for African Americans. Both brave people tried their hardest to carry through it. and truly did alteration America for the better. President Lincoln ended slavery as this was the consequence of the civil war. and King fought against segregation and favoritism. In the terminal both fell victim to blackwash because of their courageous actions and beliefs. For both Lincoln and king there were people who thought that what they were making was incorrect and make up one’s mind to halt them. For Lincoln it was John Wilkes Booth who assassinated the President in Ford’s theatre to revenge the South. James Earl Grey assassinated King because he was a racialist. and did non desire segregation to stop. Although they died contending for equality their thoughts. and words did non.

Personal Chemical reaction:

All over the universe there are people who live under corrupt authoritiess. and there is ever a individual who starts the accelerator for alteration. In Tunisia a revolution started. but many people do non recognize how. Al Bouazizi was a hapless 26-year-old right out of college and struggled to acquire a occupation to back up his household. When no work was to be found he got himself a cart and sold fruit on the street. A constabulary officer said he did non hold the paperwork to hold the cart so Bouazizi took a base. He burned himself in forepart of a authorities edifice to protest the unfair authorities. This is what Tunisia needed to acquire their egos to halt the corrupt authorities. and therefore the revolution started. Al Bouazizi did non populate to see how his heroic actions will alter the history of Tunisia. but he was the hair on the camel’s back that made the citizens of Tunisia say this is adequate.

To take such a valorous base is singular as was when John Wilkes Booth assassinated President Abraham Lincoln. Booth’s beliefs contradicted Lincoln’s and Booth was determined to halt him. Bouazizi and Booth both believed that their leaders were corrupt. and risked their lives to halt them and do a base. Booth killed President Lincoln to revenge the South after their loss in the civil war. Bouazizi made his base to demo the authorities no affair how hard you try to make what is right there is no manner to do it under Tunisia’s corrupt authorities. They were both really industrious people. and non ready to give up all that they worked for. and I do non fault them. Some people might name their actions rash. but for them to hold that much bravery is singular.

After Bouazizi’s base started the revolution started. and set the state into mayhem ; this was much like the United Sates was during the Civil War. The South disagreed with the North and therefore a war started. They had different positions on rights of African Americans. and societal differences. The South was based on the plantation system while the North was focused on metropolis life. This alteration in the North meant that society evolved as people of different civilizations and categories had to work together. On the other manus. the South continued to keep onto an antique societal order. This could be related to how the citizens of Tunisia revolted against the authorities.

Tunisia is much like the South they thought they were being short-handed so they decided sufficiency was plenty. The South seceded. and Tunisia revolted. They did non like what the authorities was stating them. and said sufficiency was plenty. The South needed bondage for their cotton farms. and was non giving it up without a battle. Tunisia’s employment was about nonexistent ; there were no chances to be had. and it merely was non just any longer. Different people. clip period. and topographic point. same job.

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