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Major westen religions Essay

The three major Western religions that affect almost two billion people are Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.All three religions focus on a higher authority, known as God.This higher authority loves and guides people through religious teachings.Studying these religions shows the teachings are sometimes different, yet they all lead to ways of living a more perfect life on earth and gaining an afterlife.
Each of these religions began in a different way and during different periods of history.Judaism, the smallest major religion is the oldest religion and is based on God's revelation to Moses at Mt. Sinai.Later, around 30 A.D., Christianity began with the ministry and teachings of Jesus, who was a Jew.Being a Jew, Jesus never really rejected Judaism. As Christianity grew from Judaism, Christianity became a major religion of its own.The Romans, who were in power during early Christianity saw it as a threat to their emperor, but Christianity began to grow.In 313 A.D. the Roman emperor, Constantine became thefirst Christian ruler.Islam started in the 6th century A.D., much later than the other two religions.The prophet Muhammad spread the word of God after he had revelations directly from God.Jesus claimed to be the son of God, unlike Muhammad who claimed only to be a prophet of God.Even though Judaism and Islam grew to be major religions, they are similar because they both give rules for the way one should live their lives, rather than giving a set of beliefs like Christianity does.
The purpose of these religions was to serve God, but each of these religions has a different view as to God's purpose.While each believes in one true God, Islam believes that God had no offspring, and has no human form.It also believes that, "Life of this world is but a sport and pastime." (Lippman 5).Islam refers to God as Allah.Allah creates, keeps, and can destroy the world and most of all, He …

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