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How To Write A Critique Essay: Top Five Tips Paper

Writing critical essay is a complicated task even for professional writers. Teachers usually give such assignments to check how students can analyze works impartially. This task requires thinking like a real scientist who puts emotions and personal attitudes aside. There are lots of rules which you need to take into consideration while preparing for writing critique paper. Fortunately, professionals have prepared a list of recommendations for our readers exclusively. Use the following tips to know the main points of how to write a critique essay related to the subject and the work you analyze.

how to write a critique essay

How to Write a Well-structured Critique Essay

Preparation is the first step in writing an essay. Researching, planning, reading various sources, precis should be your primary steps after choosing the topic and theme. The most important recommendation in how to write critique essay is to have solid understanding of the subject. You cannot complete this assignment on the basis of your thoughts and opinions because the paper should be unbiased.

Don’t underestimate the step of making a sample outline for the critique paper. Your essay should convey an exact meaning. This is possible to reach only if you plan beforehand. Think over the structure, make up the thesis statement, analyze whether you cover all the aspects of the work. Planning is a key to a top-notch essay.

Main Recommendations for Preparing Critical Essay

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If the preparation of the outline is typical for all types of writing, specific aspects of how to write a critique essay can differ. In this article, you can read about all the subtleties of writing a critical essay. Try using those hints and practice as much as you can.

Tip 1. Analyze Instead of Retelling

A simple retelling of the plot in the critique paper is a common mistake amidst students. They think that writing about the main events, characters are significant for this article. However, it is not. In most cases, you don’t even have to devote one paragraph for talking about the plot. You can discuss main events in the literary work but for analyzing and not retelling the facts which readers already know. Only if the task requirements include the info about the plot, you can add this but very shortly. In other cases, don’t ever focus on the plot.

Themes, motifs, emotional message, stylistic devices for achieving certain effect on the reader, historical and social context, the influence of the author’s biography on the story are the main aspects which you need to raise in your critical essay. You don’t have to discuss all those features in one paper. Choose one of them and analyze thoroughly. The specialization of your composition is what can make it professional and scientifically valuable. Consider how the aspect is shown by the author and which aspect is the most evident. Point out what features are the most crucial in perceiving the work which is under your investigation.

Tip 2. Use Credible Sources for Your Paper

You can always use sources which can help you summarise the main evidence from work. Find books in the library or search for online articles. Just check the source for credibility. Use quotations, paraphrasing, key ideas to show how well-researched your paper is. Discuss what the difference between scientists’ viewpoints. Compare and analyze the information to make up your opinion.

Tip 3. Use Various Techniques to Evaluate Different Aspects of Work

Examining the text without any bias is a difficult task. We are all human beings, and subjective thinking is an indispensable part of each of us. That is why there are lots of methodologies and techniques which help you perceive the information more objectively.

Six Thinking Hats

The method “Six Thinking Hats” was created by Edward be Bono. This technique aims to analyze the text from different aspects. It works the following way. Each hat symbolizes one feature which you need to examine exclusively. Although there is a definite meaning of each color of the hat, you can make up your own one which refers to the task. Take a blue hat and imagine that you wear it. When you put it on, you start evaluating only the main subjects and themes of the work. You need to ignore all the other elements. Then you take another color – a white one. This clothing measures your thinking to the available facts and ignoring emotions. And you continue wearing different hats which analyzes only one aspect. By doing this exercise, you learn how to write a critique essay which is unbiased.

Tip 4. Add Quotes to Prove Your Claims

If you analyze the literary work, quotes are obligatory for usage. Take two or three quotes to prove your statements. Don’t start and don’t end with quotations because you need to analyze them thoroughly. Explain the used sentences in your words to show the reader how you understand this saying. You can perceive the same quote from different aspects. That is why you need to specify what you meant by adding this sentence taken from the work.

Explain why your statement is true by including relevant quotes. This is how readers will perceive your paper as a reliable one. Otherwise, they may think that you have taken the info out of nothing.

Tip 5. Criticize Your Critique Essay

If you want to get an objective criticism of your essay before the teacher puts you a grade, try to be your own reader. It may sound weird, but it is a good way to improve your writing skills at how to write a critique essay. All you have to do is wait for a day or two after you have finished revising your composition. Don’t reread it, just forget about it for a couple of days. When the time has passed, take your masterpiece and read it aloud like an actor. You will be surprised at how effective this technique is. It is how you can spot mistakes easily and see whether your article has an exact message which penetrates each paragraph.

Ideas about What You Can Analyze in the Critique Essay

  1. Does the writer manage to accomplish his goal of the novel?
  2. Compare different motifs and examine how they are interwoven.
  3. Which problems does the author raise in his work?
  4. Does the author’s biography influence the plot?
  5. How can the reader’s perception of the work differ according to various time spans?
  6. How would you characterize author’s style of writing? Which stylistic techniques does he use to create a certain effect?
  7. Are there any hidden themes which the reader can understand only by knowing the historical or social context?

The More You Practice, The Better the Result is

Don’t get upset if you don’t receive the highest grade for your first critique essay. Bear in mind that practice makes perfect. Ask your teacher to give feedbacks. This will help you understand your common mistakes. Next time pay attention to the teacher’s comments, and you’ll see that writing a good critique essay is not that difficult.

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