Giovanni Bellini was born in 1426 – 1516. He was born in Venice, Italy. His father, Jacopo was also a painter. Giovanni more than likely began his career as an assistant in their fathers workshop. In hisfirst years as an artist Bellini was strongly influenced by his brother-in-law, Andrea Mantegna, from who he took a sculptures figure style. Giovanni Bellini was the founder of founder of the Venetian school of painting. He raised Venice to a centre of renaissance art that rivalled Florence and Rome.

I will discuss two of his paintings further on in the essay. – Madonna with the child (Greek Madonna) – Madonna of the Meadow (Madonna del Prato) Madonna with the Child (Greek Madonna) 1460-64, Bellini Rafaello Santi was born in Urbane on good Friday 6th Aril 1483. His father was a painter and poet and worked for Frederica da Montefelto who was of the most famous princes and art patrons of the early Italian renaissance . Raphael helped his father in his studio from an early age.

This is where he is believed to have learned about art. His father died in 1494 and in 1504, Raphael moved to Florence and lived there for four years. He studied works by Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo here which inspired him even more. It was in Florence he began his series of Madonna’s. I will talk about two of his Madonna paintings later. The Small Cowper Madonna – Raphael c1505 In this essay I am going to discuss Raphael’s and Bellini’s approach to the theme Madonna and child.

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Both Bellini and Raphael painted many versions of the Madonna and child, both viewed this theme as a religious one however we can see that both portrayed the Madonna and child differently. Raphael painted Madonna and child’s relationship as a warm and loving one. Be…

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