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Lucy Crown Paper

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Essay on “Lucy Crown”

It is not expected that this book is so good.

A happy married couple, who has a teenage son, a bit naive for his thirteen years. Husband tenderly cares for his wife and son, the beauty, to which the period of summer holidays puts the teacher-partner, an older boy, as the life of the boy with his mother on a summer vacation by the lake for him

too monotonous. What happens next is quite trivial, and not just described in the novels.

Shaw submits us the story in such a nerve with deep psychological insight, along with clarity and realistic presentation of simplicity, that you understand the scale of his skill. After reading the mass of modern books with pleasure immersed in his wonderful style pleases accuracy phrases and adjusted throughout the novel design in which there is nothing superfluous, where the author knows exactly what he wants to say, not rushing any mannerisms or in moralism, no pathos , the philosophy of the novel is built by itself.

Lucy Crown Irwin Shaw

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The first time I felt the with such clarity that “we all come from childhood”.

mentioned in connection with the novel “The old man Freud” who knew all about human sexuality, was fashionable just at the time of writing novel and which probably pays tribute pisatel.Vso what is happening to us at a tender age, forever postponed in our minds and leaves a mark for life. If events are quite hard on the child’s mind, it can break the bud, which is not destined never to be dismissed in tsvetok.Vse we know that children are very vulnerable, but after reading the book, you can look at your child’s very different glazami.Mozhno recall the events of his childhood, which swirling in our heads, not allowing to live in peace, the events, after which, you know, that has become a completely different person. Who is to blame? Parents? A life? Are you able to get out, to drop the charges and not give those events to break your life? Or someone to help you move into adulthood, pulled your hair? Or maybe you are not conscious of the fact, still floundering in the consequences?

The accident happened so interpret characters in the book. An accident, after which the family fell apart. But the novel is far from one-sided. It would be too easy to declare the incident an accident. Why spouses live for years without hearing or seeing each other? Why not turn the language to say the right word at the moment when it is waiting for another way? What a woman needs when she is “all for happiness”?

Here again raised the shadow of the great Freud … Feeling the woman herself as a person, passing the line beyond which begins the cruelty and deceit, rejection of her husband and son eventually losing itself …

It can not be otherwise. But is it an attempt to justify being happy in another dimension? Does this mean that women must sacrifice himself for the happiness of the whole family? Everlasting, eternal story … and how well in the presentation of Irwin Shaw. Reading it is necessary for all, as it can give more than you can imagine.

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