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“Love Story” Review Paper

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Essay on “Love Story”

Recently, my arm across mostly sad book. “Love Story” Erich Segal -. The last one

I understand that this is not a new product, based on the novel long ago filmed. However. I read it just now.

So, I share first impressions. At first, “Love Story” I have absolutely not affected. I just automatically flipping through the pages and thinking about why many so enthusiastically speak about this book. I was disappointed. The plot seemed quite banal, as the book’s title. Well, absolutely nothing remarkable, unexpected. End is also quite clear. And the language of the narrative is not pleased. It seemed somehow dry, steep and distant, but still flavored with irony, in spite of the tragedy described by (last just I liked) that the author simply telling a story, but do not want to share their experiences and open soul. So at this moment I thought and decided to take a look at the book from the other side.

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The story is on behalf of a man, is not it? And our stronger sex never likes to discover their weaknesses and give vent to the feelings (with rare exceptions). Then it becomes clear descriptions of stinginess, for which there is an immense human grief, who has just lost the one he loved most in the world. If you start to read between the lines and at least try to imagine the pain you hide from everyone … Oliver really is sad and scary that you can lose like that of a loved one. And at the same time not be able to save him. Perhaps this is a good thing that the book does not tearful scenes. Not a man it once.

However, despite this, the book has not become closer to me. I still think it is pretty average. Just became more aware of what it can to please others. Or maybe, “Love Story” just did not get in the mood. And the opportunity to play the role that this book was written long ago – in 1970. Since then, much water has flowed, new books and, quite possibly, if it was published today, she would not have become a bestseller.

And yet, in the end, may not be the same all like the same book. But one phrase in the novel hooked over me

Love – is when do not say “I’m sorry»

Perhaps the more accurate and do not say


It is necessary to watch a movie and try to check out the sequel – “Oliver’s story»

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