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Louis Xiv Foreign Policy Paper

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Paper type: Essay , Subject: Foreign Policy

Louis XIV was known as one of the greatest Kings of France.Louis XIV ruled as an absolute monarch.He was a great patron of the arts in France. He is responsible for many elegant buildings in France and especially Paris.He was also involved in many wars throughout his reign of France.

The reign of Louis XIV lasted an astounding length of seventy-two years.Louis XIV was born on September 16,1638.His reign started when he was only four years old when his father Louis XIII died on May 14, 1643.Louis XIV chose the sun as his emblem.The sun was associated with Apollo, god of peace and arts, and was also a heavenly body that gave life to all things.Like Apollo, Louis XIV brought peace and was a patron of the arts.

Louis XIV’s father Louis XIII ruled with Cardinal Richelieu, who served as First Minister.When Louis XIII died Cardinal Richelieu also died shortly after the King’s death.Richelieu’s successor, Cardinal Mazarin, governed the country until Louis XIV grew up.He always wanted to be able to rule alone.So when hisfirst Minister Mazarin died, he decided against ruling with a First Minister.Only a limited share of power was allowed to the able comptroller general of finances, Jean Baptiste Colbert.Colbert believed in an active economic role for the State, he promoted manufacturing and commerce, built up the navy, and developed the French colonies overseas.

Louis Xiv Policies

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Louis XIV was not highly liked among the people of France.Previously the kings of France had lived rather close to their people, traveling about a good deal, in war or peace, visiting towns and their poorer subjects.When Louis XIV became a deity, the people bowed down, but felt that the king no longer belonged to them.The French, however, only really love what belongs to them.Louis XIV held a very strict court.He forced all the nobles to live with him at the Palace of Versailles.

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