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Lost Beneath the Sea ( Titanic) Paper

Lost Beneath the Sea The Titanic vanished beneath the ocean on April 1 5th, 1912. What were the main causes of the Titanic tragedy, and what changes in travel safety occurred because of it? This amazing ship set sail on April 14th, 1912; the ship sank the next day (Anthony, Nicolas 1). There are now multiple rules set up, that were established because of the Titanic tragedy. Things such as; more lifeboats, life vest, iceberg warnings, etc.

What would you do if you, your child, and your spouse were prepared to get on a lifeboat, but were then told sorry you can’t get on together, or “Sorry there are no ore lifeboats. ” There were not enough lifeboats, so there was no way for all the passengers to survive (Role, 5). There were only 20 lifeboats that fit a maximum of about 53 people, so only about 1,060 passengers could survive. There were approximately 2,211 passengers aboard the Titanic (Role, 3). One positive thing about the Titanic is that they had more than enough life vest.

They had a total of 3,500 life vest (Role, 5). Women and children were to get on the lifeboats first, but in this order-1st class, 2nd class, 3rd class, lastly crew members. This is why more 1st class assengers survived than 3rd class and crew members. Through all this, the end result is that rules are now established that all ships are required to follow to protect and insure that all passengers have an equal opportunity to survive. What is the most focused on cause of the Titanic tragedy? Icebergs. What is an iceberg?

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An iceberg is a piece of fresh water ice broken off of a glacier. The iceberg breaks off of the glacier once it reaches the sea. Also, icebergs float because they are dense. Ships hitting icebergs is not rare thing, it happens often. Approximately 150 hips collide with an iceberg every year. This is mostly likely happening because they can’t see the iceberg because only 1/9 sticks out of the water. These accidents are by far not as bad as the Titanic tragedy. Well you may be wondering exactly how the iceberg affected the ship.

Well, the Titanic had 5 water tight compartments. This “unsinkable” ship was built so only 3 compartments could fill with water and it would still be going strong. Sadly the water went into all five, then up on to the next floor and all the way up. The sailor tried to avoid the iceberg, and Just when they thought hey did a little piece underneath the water got them. The iceberg is thought to be the number one reason for the disaster, but at the end of the day it’s Just one of the several contributors to the disaster.

So what are the statistics on the passengers? That’s a commonly asked question; the statistics also help back up everyone’s hypothesis on the disaster. There was approximately 2211 passengers, 150 deaths, and 707 survivors (Role, 3). They only had 20 lifeboats that fit 53 people a piece. So their was no way everyone could survive, but on top of that, some of the first lifeboats to leave got filled less than half ay (Role, 4) The layout of the Titanic was from top to bottom: 1st class, 2nd class, then 3rd class and crew men.

So because 1st class was at the top so they had more survivors. Here are the percentages: 1st class 60%, 2nd class 42%, 3rd class 25%, then lastly crew members 24%. The statistics play a major role in the Titanic disaster. Also, tne statlstlcs nelp support all reason Tor tne Olsaster. There was not Just one thing that caused the disaster, but several. Such as, lifeboat shortage, icebergs, etc. Tragically less then half the passengers survived, and some people helped cause this. Bibliography Nicholas, Anthony. A Fateful Inheritance: The Effect of the Titanic Disaster on Modern Travel. “World history, History, 20 Apr. 2012. Web. 01 Nov. 2012. http:// www. americandailyherald. com/history/world-history/item/a-fateful-inheritance-the- effect-of-the-titanic-disaster-on-modern-travel> Hill, Brian. Database of collisons with icebergs. 22, May, 2001. New York Maritime Register. Web. 10 Dec. 2012. http://researchers. imd. nrc. ca/??”hillb/iceb/ice/bergs2 Ole. html Wash, Paul. Cool Antartic. 2001. Web. 10 Dec. 2012. http://www. coolantartic. com/ index. html.

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