Lord Of The Flies 1984

The government is supposed to protect and provide for their people but unfortunately this isn’t always the case. Some leaders would try to get power so that they can use it unjustly and have total control over the society they rule. Many dictators in the past such as Hitler and Mussolini that ruled back in 1930’s have used their position as leaders to make unethical decisions for their entire country and giving themselves the authority to get away with anything.

Both ruled with totalitarian characteristics. Lord of the Flies and Nineteen Eighty Four are two stories created in the post Second World War era. The novel Lord of the Flies, written by William Golding symbolizes the natural darkness of humanity shown using a group of young boys that try to construct civilization. While the novel Nineteen Eighty Four written by George Orwell, represents the dangers of a totalitarian society. Both novels Lord of the Flies and Nineteen Eighty Four share major themes that contribute to the corruption of a community because the government would use their power unjustly leading to a dangerous totalitarian society, the idea that power or dictatorship are achieved through psychological manipulation, and finally, physical action is often used to maintain control and power within the societies present in both novels.

A totalitarian society is when a country is governed under one man or a group of people. This government will control every aspect of your life including who you associate with, where you work and even go as far as controlling thoughts which would all lead to the dehumanization of an individual.

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The concept of dehumanization is present in the novel Lord of the Flies where a young boy named Jack progressively becomes more power dependent and thrives off of his control which leads him into becoming a savage by the end of the novel. Jack was the first to cast off the restraints of civilisation and led the boys down a path of savagery. T…

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Lord Of The Flies 1984
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