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Lord of the Flies Analysis Paper

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Paper type: Analysis

The novel Lord of the Flies written by William Golding was a very exciting novel. It wasn’t the plot that made the novel interesting; it was the personalities of the characters.The genre is science fiction and the mood is very dark and cold.The writing style of William Golding was very interesting.He skipped around often and used words and terms that were hard to understand.The atmosphere showed a lot of confusion and ruthlessness.The novel begins with a plane crash in the pacific and the pilot dies.Children are left with no adults on a deserted island, which causes confusion. Later on in the novel Simon claims he sees a beast which causes fear to the boys.Violence occurs several times throughout the novel.

The first incident was when Jack fights Piggy and breaks his glasses.The main theme in the novel is law and order.The boys seem to lose this along with morals because they are isolated from society.The novel ends with a manhunt for Ralph.While resting Ralph runs into a naval officer who rescues them. The main issue in the Lord of the Flies was the rivalry between Ralph and Jack.Ralph matures a great deal throughout the novel.In the beginning he was very immature and then towards the end he realizes the only way to survive is though peace and order.Jack is the main antagonist to Ralph. He has a savage personality and ends up manipulating the boys to following him instead of Ralph.The main characters are Piggy, Simon, Roger, and Sam and Eric.

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Lord of the Flies Analysis Lord of the Flies Analysis Lord of the Flies Analysis

Piggy is a fat, smart, squeamish boy who is very loyal to Ralph.He tries to maintain peace with the boys and hates violence.Unfortunately Roger, who represents pure evil, kills him.Roger has no mercy and entertains himself by killing.He has great pleasure when he kills a pig. Roger is very loyal to Jack; he carries out his orders with pleasure.Simon is the total opposite of Roger.

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