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William Golding was born in 1911 in Cornwall. He went to Marlborough Grammar School and to the University of Oxford where he studied literature. After University he became a teacher, but at the start of World War II Golding joined the Royal Navy. He eventually became a commander. He saw many horrific sights, which I think gave him inspiration for his writing.

In 1945, Golding returned to teaching English at Bishop Wordsworth’s School. He stayed there until 1962, and established himself has a writer. The reason why Golding wrote Lord of the Flies is that he wanted to show what other people could do to each other.

In Fable he writes, ” I had discovered what one man could do to another. ” He did not believe this before the war as he writes early on in Fable.

” Before the second world war I believed in the perfectibility of social man. ” He uses the behaviour of boys to put across, that anyone can act in this way even how innocent and helpless you are. When Jack is introduced on to the island. He immediately takes control of the group of boys. He is a megalomaniac. He uses the fact that he is head chorister to exercise authority on the island. ” I ought to be chief because I’m chapter chorister and head boy.

William Golding Inspiration For Lord Of The Flies

I can sing C sharp”.

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However he is very irresponsible which would not be good for being chief on the island. He needs to be praised and rewarded constantly as that makes him feel more powerful. Jack is describe as being “tall, thin and bony and his hair was red beneath his black cap. His faced crumpled and freckled, and ugly without silliness. Out of this face stared two light blue eyes, frustrated now, and turning, or ready to turn, to anger. ” This is when Jack is first introduced on the island. This is evidence that there was evil and anger in Jack already and that he was not just a boy having fun.

The significance of the Mask is that, when Jack wore the mask, it hid his true identity. When Jack was behind the Mask he was free from shame and self – consciousness . The Mask brings out the evil in Jack. On the Mask there are three colours, which represent this evil Red, Black and White. The mask hides the civil Jack and lets the evil Jack shine through. Bill started laughing at Jack when he had the mask on. Bill saw the evil and ran into some bushes. Jack didn’t understand the power of the mask. I think he saw it as being a game. ” For hunting. Like in war.

You know dazzle paint. Like things trying to like something else. ” The killing of the pig represents the turning point for Jack. It’s the point in the book where Jack the young boy turns into a barbaric savage. ” You can cut the pig’s throat to let the blood out otherwise you cannot eat the meat”. After Jack had killed the pig the description of his face was ” bright blue eyes in this frustration seemed boiling and nearly mad. ” After Jack had killed his first pig, the only thing that he concentrated was hunting for the group. The chase and killing of the pig gave Jack a thrill.

He also felt in control and had complete power in the situation. Things start to change rapidially on the island, their world of authority, commonsense and discipline was all about to change. Firstly the conch which was destroyed. This was a symbol of order and respect, this was introduce by Ralph and Piggy who were the sensible ones of the group. The fire was left to die out. This was a symbol of being saved from the island. When this the fire was destroyed they had lost all hope of being saved and Jack didn’t really care about it. “The fire was dead”. Simon was murdered, he was thought to be the beast.

Jack’s tribe were acting like marauding savages along the beach. Jack had incited the tribe to act in this way. The tribe were excited and were startled when Simon was coming through a bush. In the heat of it all, they pounced on Simon slaying him accidentally, although I feel to Jack it wasn’t really an accident, he died in “cold blood”. Jack’s tribe stole Piggy’s glaces, to make a fire of their own. Piggy’s glaces were a symbol of responsibility and maturity. When the glaces are cracked this the responsibility and maturity is shattered. The evil in Jack had no boundaries and was invincible to some extent.

He would do anything to get what he wanted. Ralph and Piggy go to Jack’s tribe to retrieve the glaces. This is when Piggy is murdered by Roger again the tribe was incited by Jack. He had a boulder pushed over the cliff onto him. Just after Piggy was murdered. Jack was out to murder Ralph. Ralph hide long enough until help arrived by the adults saving them from the island. When the adults arrived on the island, he becomes his usual self. He had great respect for the adults and this I think reminded him of his civil life. The evil in him had left him and he went back to his usual self.

Jack liked to hunt pigs down, he loved the chase and bloodshed. Jack wanted to hunt Ralph down like a pig. There was always evil in Jack, but being in this situation and the environment triggered it off. William Golding tells us in Fable every man is evil, but Jack’s evil is showed more than the other boys. One of Jack weaknesses, which made him evil, was the first killing of the pig for he loved the chase and bloodshed of it all. The mask brings out the evil in him hiding the civil Jack and covering it with this evil. I think Jack was evil and was not just a boy having fun.

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