"Loneliness on the Net" Review

Essay on “Loneliness on the Net”

Miss DROP, so, therefore, how ?! :)))

Tanne, more-nad-nami, criticism – this is normal. All criticized in varying degrees. Another question is what is the form) to your address, in my opinion, it was expressed very tactfully;)

In my opinion, this is normal – to listen to the wishes and to make their work better (we are not bad wish, if only because that the work – we read your new works :)))

And in the review, there is no sense, because, I repeat, if, in addition to a personal evaluation, nothing they do not – I do not know anything about the book! Well even if I with the literary tastes of a person familiar with, and I can predict, like whether I like this book, but if a book is a lot of feedback, in substance tending to zero, from strangers – this function will do nothing, just prostanstvo clog the site.

If you want for yourself these impressions once saved, it is possible in extreme cases make a personal mark – I, for example, there is a – best of the best !!! Although I have these books, and do not forget).

The Aldebaran, I am always looking for feedback more, by the way, if there puts me).

But imagine that a book 5 reviews ” This is a cool book to read all “and 5 reviews” book – sucks, could not be worse. ” And nothing more. And what is there to make a choice?

In addition! We need to develop their speech! Learn to write coherently, convincingly speak.

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(I impressed after practice – children in the 11th grade can not write coherent essays – the analysis of the poem -! All this exam with his answers to the questions Horror) Let’s at least then work on yourself and grow !

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"Loneliness on the Net" Review
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