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Liver problem Paper

Mary should use phenomenology which has been involved in qualitative research for many years to seek the opinions of other people so that she can be able to solve her situation. To start with, it would be very helpful to seek the audience of managers and senior managers since they are knowledgeable and have a wide experience. Since the managers may have different concerns and opinions, Mary should be able to isolate them and choose the ones that will yield a positive result.

Before reaching at the final result, Mary needs to visit various hospital departments and collect information from the managers so that her decision can be accurate. However, the main concern should be caring for the patients and Mary should therefore evaluate the patients who regularly visit the hospital and the types of their diseases. For example, kidney problems require frequent visit for dialysis, while diseases such as liver problem, chemotherapy, diabetes and physiotherapy also require constant visits.

Quantitative research can also be used where Mary meets with senior managers and seeks for several intervention measures which can help her make a strong decision. She should acquire statistics on the number of patients whose health have improved and the benefits they received from the treatment since it’s the responsibility of the government and high ranking officials to ensure that good healthcare is available. She should review the information she has collected and analyze the variables so that she can understand various concepts.

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This includes the most common and frequent diseases in the hospital and if patients received efficient and effective treatment. 2. What quantitative and qualitative data could Mary collect in order to facilitate her decision? Mary can use qualitative evaluation to collect data and understand how the patients, their families and the hospital staff regard the services that are available. It is important to observe if patients are showing signs of distress and special needs and if the hospital is giving them the necessary treatment.

Second, she should enquire from the medical staff on the functions and importance of the available machines. The technicians should also be able to tell her if the machines are modern and functional. Lastly, Mary should seek the views of the audience and other people since there are those who are educated and whose information could be important. Mary can collect quantitative data by drafting some questions and distributing them so that she can have enough information that will enable her to make correct conclusions. The questions should be broad and relevant to enable her to exhaustively tackle her issue.

Some of the questions she can ask include: are there new equipments which patients need; does the diseases require those equipments; are the available machine functioning properly; are the beds enough for the patients; are more beds required for patient admission; are the staff enough; are they qualified enough to treat and provide quality care to the patients; are there enough medication for patients; how long do patients stay in the hospital and is the nutrition excellent; are there enough staff; do you receive social workers; and is the hospital budget enough to cater for all its needs.

Lastly, after drafting the questionnaire, Mary should give them to the nurses, patients and their families to gain various opinions. She must collect all her questionnaires and make use of both qualitative and quantitative information.

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