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Literature Essay Essay

“Literature adds to reality, it does not simply describe it. It enriches the necessary competencies that daily life requires and provides; and in this respect, it irrigates the deserts that our lives have already become. ” C. S. Less Modern day popular texts, such as the Twilight Saga and Harry Potter all spawn from a foundation of classic literature. The Idea of a vampire Is certainly not unique nor is it original, neither Is the concept of a boy being a wizard. However It is far more than the subject matter that Is borrowed from previous writers.

Simple fundamental aspects Including the language and style, as well as conflict and resolution, contribute to successful literary works. Classic literature serves as the foundation for all of modern day text. The effects of using well known classical literature In a high school classroom Is something that has a lasting Impact on students’ abilities to sufficiently read and write. While there Is little to no appeal to a younger demographic for classical literature, It Is necessary to keep classic literary devices in classrooms as a teaching tool to shape the reading and writing habits of dents.

Grasping and developing knowledge of the certain literary elements is essential for higher-level scholastic success. Without it, students may lack the professional examples and inspiration to write properly on an educated level. Although there are many aspects to works of literature, the first and main aspect is the subject. The subject matter is what consciously draws a reader’s attention to the work, and is the biggest focal point of any writing. Subjects can range from all types, be it a hero or villain, or Just a simple ordinary character.

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Regardless of who fills that role, the subject matter always comes with a personal story, background, goal, or achievement they are willingly pursuing. Because the subject is so heavily focused on throughout the duration of a novel, play, or any type of literary work, it is often difficult to focus attention on any variety of supporting characters. The supporters play a crucial role in any form of literature, and usually provide some form of aid, or problem solving information. In most circumstances, these smaller subjects tend to get overlooked.

Language and style are the next components of literature, and are subconsciously a means of holding the attention. While the subject Is vital to capturing attention, it is the language used to convey the message of the story that separates the great classic literary works of art from the books that will never be anything more than Just that. As French Journalist, poet, and novelist Anatoly France said, “The duty of literature Is to note what counts, and to light up what Is suited to the light.

If It ceases to choose and to love, It becomes Like a woman who gives herself thou preference. ” France Is simply saying, how a literary work and Its language are perceived by the reader determines Its quality. A piece of literature needs not only a subject and a plot, but effective, descriptive, and emotional language, helping the reader become a part of the story themselves. It Is critical to maintain the reader’s interest throughout, resulting in greater feedback and increased interest from other readers.

Anything otherwise would be widely considered a failure by any author and publisher. The last main theme of classic literature, as well as modern literature, is the problematic struggle that a character encounters and the solution en or seen Alcove’s. I Nils Is something Tanat may De relatable to a person’s every cay life, and can be seen more often in modern day literature. An example of such struggles would be a conflict between the protagonist, or main character, and the antagonist. In this form of conflict, the main character must discover a way to defeat his rival.

There can also be sub conflicts occurring within the conflict, such as robbers the two subjects encounter between themselves, consequently leading to the solution. Another form consists of problem solving, where the main character and supporting subjects determine the problem and seek the solution. Here, characters go through different sequences of events, in effect, reaching a solution to the conflict. In most cases, the hero or protagonist triumphs, while the antagonist does not. The main aspects of literature provide us with an understanding of the structure and intentions of that literary work.

The subject, language and style, and conflict and elution are all integral facets of classical literature, and any type of literature for that matter. Literature is possibly the most valuable thing a student may take away from their education. “l doubt if anything learnt at school is of more value than great literature learnt by heart,” said British classical scholar, Richard Livingston. Becoming familiar with and understanding literary concepts is imperative for all students. Literature is the basis of the knowledge our world possesses today, and the knowledge we obtain from literature is indispensable.

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