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Literary Terms (Cliche-Inversion)

is a word or phrase, often a figure of speech, that has become lifeless because of overuse

a word or phrase in everyday use in conversation and informal writing but is inappropriate for formal situations

Comic Relief
the use of a comic scene to interrupt a series of intense dramatic moments

the struggle between opposing forces or characters in a story

External Conflict
conflicts can exist between two people, between a person and nature or a machine, or between a person and a whole society

Internal Conflict
a conflict can be internal, involving opposing forces within a person’s mind

the associations and emotional overtones that have become attached to a word or phrase, in addition to its strict dictionary definition

repetition of internal or ending consonant sounds of words close together in poetry

Deus Ex Machina
improbable resolution involving the intervention of some outside force

literal dictionary definition of a word

a way of speaking that is characteristic of a certain social group or of the inhabitants of a certain geographical area

a speaker or writer’s choice of words

act of interpreting or discovering the meaning of a text, usually involves close reading and special attention to figurative language

word consciously chosen for its pleasant connotations – passed away instead of died

a very short story told in prose or poetry that teaches a practical lesson about how to succeed in life

a type of comedy in which ridiculous and often stereotyped characters are involved in silly, far-fetched sitiuations

Figurative Language
words which are inaccurate if interpreted literally, but are used to describe. Similes and metaphors are common forms

a scene that interrupts the normal chronological sequence of events in a story to depict something that happened at an earlier time

a character who acts as a contrast to another character. Often a funny side kick to the dashing hero, or a villain contrasting the hero

the use of hints and clues to suggest what will happen later in a plot

tragic flaw which causes a character’s downfall

a figure of speech that uses an incredible exaggeration or overstatement, for effect

tragic flaw of overwhelming pride

an expression whose meaning is not understood from the literal translation – it is raining cats and dogs

the use of language to evoke a picture or a concrete sensation of a person, a thing, a place, or an experience

In Media Res
beginning in the middle of the action

the reversal of the normal word order in a sentence or phrase

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