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“Literary ghost” Review Paper

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Paper type: Review, Subject: Book Reviews

Essay on “Literary ghost”

I believe David Mitchell all three books, translated into Russian, I do not “dig”. And yet my assessment is adequate and ustakanilos, and a general sense of fresh – I write this review for one, read his book

The story.. What can I say about this? I guess that a lot of stories. Writer throws from place to place, from one geographical location to another, from one time to another, from one person to another, from genre to genre … I could go on for quite some time. What is common in all this chaos? And the fact that the fate of people will certainly encounter a variety of ways. Even briefly touches one thread to another, converge and diverge again. Mitchell never for a moment forget about the human factor. Each paragraph has to face with human thoughts, feelings, if you climb to the head of a stranger. Stories a lot, and all of them are directly related. . Roman one

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Ahead-read two more books; not bad!

The characters in the novel are living people. I can describe each of them, I can argue that as a Ranger saw people’s faces. The people of the book, and perhaps people from real life? Completely forgotten what the reality of the present. The main thing is not to get lost in this book. I would recommend to the rereading, to better understand. Just to find common ground.

As for the feelings … I feel the author’s love for jazz, I am ready to get sick of love. I tried to read a few of the composition specified in the text of the novel, I thought that was the clouds that is about to rain down rain. Neutrons, protons, photons, muons brain move randomly, if any in the head. I think no. Could play the piano, I would have beat on the keys.

Not a bad style. Language accessible, understandable, lexically rich, full. I read in the original, so talking about translation. Translation is good, a lot of footnotes to jazz performers. There are shortcomings in the course of the story, “made at the field”, these two shortcomings found. I was not looking for anything like that, it was just not up to it

Overall -. Excellent, probably wondering

And it’s arguments to the reading of ??. Stupidity … Oh well. I hope I’m not really tired, but very little tired.

Thank you for your attention.

“We carry out this night together. With you, I, your guide Bat Segundo. “

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