Frankenstein Literary Analysis Essay

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, death is a major theme. Each death in the story affects Victor Frankenstein differently. The death of Victor’s mother and her dying wish sets the mood of the story. The murder of his brother William causes him to feel devastation. The execution of Justine and the guilt Victor feels over not trying to intervene on her behalf to prevent an unjust sentence. Clerval’s assassination causes Victor to be ill for two months. The killing of Elizabeth on their wedding night was the worst of all for Victor.

The death of Victor’s father, shortly after Elizabeth’s death, and the painful memories he must leave behind which leads Victor to go after the monster to destroy it.

As Victor’s mother is on her deathbed, she sets a gloomy mood to the story. Her final wish for Victor and Elizabeth, “My firmest hopes of future happiness were placed on the prospect of your union.” pg. 28. His mother died calmly and this filled Victor with despair and grief. His own mother, that brought him into this world is dead. Who wouldn’t that upset? After that he comes to a conclusion that he still had duties that he ought to perform. So because of this event, Victor departed for his trip to Ingolstadt which is the start of the journey where Victor wants to learn about human anatomy, has the idea of creating something and bringing it to life, and when things go dreadful.

Literary Analysis Frankenstein

The search for Victor’s missing brother William went until nightfall.

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Early the next morning they found William, a boy who was healthy and active, lying motionless on the ground. He had fingerprints and markings on his neck. Elizabeth unjustly accused herself of being responsible of William’s death because he teased her to let him wear a valuable miniature that was possessed by Victor’s mother. She believed that this tempted the murderer to take it from William and strangle him so he couldn’t tell. This all being told in a letter, filled Victor with devasta…

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Frankenstein Literary Analysis Essay
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