Lights And Sound Museum Essay

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?????? “?? ?????? The trip on February 10 , 2011 to Lights and Sounds was very educational and was very fun . The parts about Jose P. Rizal were very interesting and I learned a lot about his life. There were two parts that scared me the most . First , was the one where we saw the characters of Noli Me Tangere and El Felibusterismo . What scared me there was Sisa , because of her laugh( while she cried ) and how she moved .

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The second thing that scared me was at the last part when we entered the room the lights went of and we could only hear voices .

I’m so glad I’ve gotten over it easily . I’ve also seen how big Intramuros is just by looking at it’s model . Although, there were parts I didn’t quite understand . At the end of the tour we all sat down on the floor to watch a video and at the end of that video the doors were opened by a soldier .

The light sort of blinded our eyes.

I think it was because we spent time in the dark for an hour. I had a laugh with my friends about that part . All the lessons I’ve had since Grade Four started coming back to me . It was like a review for us . I’ve also learned more details to Jose Rizal’s life . My classmates and I enjoyed the trip going there because we got to spend it together .

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It was our last field trip in CCWB . I’m so glad to have went there and I feel like I want to go back this time with my family .

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