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Life in Ancient Rome Essay

Romans of the Classical era built what was perhaps the greatest empire of all time.Roman civilization has served as a model or basis for much of Western culture.Roman engineers pioneered the use of concrete, glass windows, the dome, central heating, and apartment buildings. Roman roads, aqueducts, and buildings still survive.We still use the Roman alphabet, numerals, their system of months, religion, and marriage customs.Latin, the official language of the Roman Empire, is the basis of many modern languages, including Italian, Spanish, French, and English.As an Ancient civilization, Roman way of life formed a solid base for the ways of our present-day living.One can see the reflected, though improved, similaritiesfirst shaped hundreds of years ago that have remained essential concepts over time and still retain the original ideas created by the powerful Romans.From marriage customs to feminism, education, and the urban life, one can compare and contrast the ancient past with the present.
Roman family was based on the unlimited power of the pater familias, or the male head of the family.By the second century of this era, this idea had disappeared completely along with the father's absolute authority over his children and wife.While man's power weakened, the laws of marriage were modernized into what we believe our present day system is derived from.This
new form of marriage consisted of a reciprocal engagement entered into by a young couple with the consent of their fathers and in the presence of a certain number of relatives and friends.Is seems that this newly founded procedure has not changed since itfirst originated in the second century AD.As is custom today, the concrete symbol of the betrothal was the gift to the girl from her fiancé' of a number of presents, more or less costly, and a ring.In the presence of the guests the girl

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