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Life Changing Essay

Six years ago an event took place in my life that I will never forget. It was a life changing event, something that I would never wish on anyone. I had my children taken away from me due to my ex-husband abusing me. I had Just had my third little girl and thought that maybe this time things would get better. After each baby I secretly wished this. And for the first week or two things seemed to get better, but It always went back to the same old thing. He was always yelling for the smallest thing. Dinner just so, I do enough laundry, or the house cleaned the right way.

He would come in from working or hanging out tit friends, which he did more than work, and be on a rampage. I could tell within the first few seconds of him walking in how the night would be. I would try to always have a smile on my face and greet him so nicely hoping that would make things different that day. But it never did. I would try and hurry through dinner and baths with the kids so that I could put them in bed before things got too bad. I always tried to hide the fact that their father could be such a monster.

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They heard it all and sometimes saw him slap me across the face or push me against the wall with his face Inches from mine, daring me to say anything. I would sometimes have enough and run to the phone, but he would always grab It and rip It from the wall. I finally had enough and went to vaults my mom one day. That was the beginning to the worst event in my life. When I arrived at my I had a busted lip and a knot on my head. My mom had me fill her in on everything that had been going on. When I was done telling her she was furious! She told my stepfather everything and he wanted to know why I was still living with him.

I explained to him that I Just had another baby and could not figure out how I would manage taking of three children by myself financially. Where would we live? Where would I work? What would I drive? Those were the reasons that I continued to stay there. If I could figure a way out then I would be out, but it that easy. My parents thought they had a plan that was going to help us get out of this situation, however it work out. My stepfather made a call to the abuse hotlist and reported that my husband was abusing me In front of my children. He told them he was worried about us and wanted us to get help.

They told him that someone would investigate the situation. I did not know at the time he had made this phone call. I went home hat night and the next morning I was awaken by someone knocking on the door. When I got to the door there was a Deputy and a Case Worker from the Department of Children and Families. They asked me to step outside and talk to them in private. I knew that my husband would be listening to everything that was going on, so I tried to keep my composure and act like nothing was wrong. They told me that a call came into the abuse line, but did not say who called it in.

They asked me if there was any violence going on and I had to deny it because I knew he would be listening. I told them that I know what the call was all about. They then asked to speak to my oldest daughter and right then I started getting upset. I was crying and asking them not to take my children. They said they were not taking them they Just needed to ask her a few questions. So I took her outside and they asked me to go back inside, A Tee umlauts later teen toll me Tanat I anemia to get ten Kilos ready Ana go stay with my mom for a couple of days, for a cool down period they said.

So I agreed and went in to get myself and the girls ready to go. The whole time the Deputy and Case Worker stayed outside waiting. When I went out and got in the car o go they stayed and talked to my husband. By the time I got to my there was a message for me to call the office. So I called and they said that when we left my husband was arrested for domestic violence. My daughter told them about everything that had been going on and then when they questioned him they knew he was lying. They said that I could return home whenever I was ready.

He would not be allowed back there when he was released from Jail. I returned home the next day to try and figure out where to go from here. My husband was released a few days later and against the courts orders came to the house. I got the same threats as always that I needed to do what he told me or else. About three weeks later the Case Worker came back to my house, this time alone. He said he needed to take pictures of the children for the file. My two younger daughters were at my mother in laws house at the time, so he asked me to go get them and then come back.

I knew right then that something right. I asked him if he was going to take my kids, but he said no he Just needed pictures. He said that I could leave my oldest daughter there if I wanted, which I refused. So I put my daughter in the car and left to go get the other two. As soon as I was turning off f my street I saw two cars pull into my drive way. My worst fears were confirmed then and there, they were there to take my babies. I cried the whole way to my mother in laws and when I got there told her what was going on.

She said she doubted that was what was going on, but why would the be there for him to take some pictures. I loaded the kids in the car and drove back to my house. The rest of the day was a blur. I remember them meeting me at the car to tell me they were removing my children from me. I started screaming and crying, asking them to please give me another chance. I told them I would do whatever they aid if they would Just leave my babies. They said they could not do that, my children were being emotionally abused. They then asked me if any of my family members would be willing to take them.

I called my mom and she said that she would take them. I went inside and packed them some things to take with them and they let me say my goodbyes and then they were gone. I know what to do. I was lost. My neighbors came oft and tried to console me, but it make a difference. I was contacted the next day to tell me when my first court appearance was. At that appearance they set up visitation for me to see my children once a week. Over the course of almost three years I took numerous classes and had to follow the Case Plan the court assigned me.

This was their way of having me prove how bad I wanted my children back. I took Parenting Classes and Batterers Prevention Classes. I went to court periodically and always had someone checking on me to make sure I was doing things right. My husband was set up with the same Case Plan, but it was not important enough for him to complete it. So I got a Job, a car, a place to live for me and my children, and finished my Case Plan. All the things I thought I could never do. After all of that was complete I was notified by my Case Worker that they were going to ask the Judge to grant me custody.

A couple of weeks later I got ten call at work Tanat ten Judge Ana aware my sole custody AT my girls. IT the office been full of clients I would have done cartwheels though it! I was so happy I had to go, I continue my work day, and my employer understood. That evening when I went to pick up my girls was the happiest day of my life! Even though this was such a life changing event I am grateful that my parents were looking out for us. If this have happened I might not be here today to write this paper. Or something may have happened to one of my kids. I have learned a lot through all of this experience.

I have learned that I am a strong woman that does not need to depend on anyone. I am a terrific mother that will never put my kids through that again. And I will never, ever let another man treat me the way he did. I have had my little girls back for three years now and have enjoyed every minute of it. I have not seen my ex husband for almost five years now and hope that I never have to see him again. Even though I am sad that the girls are missing out on having their father around, I am glad that they have me here able to love them, laugh with them, and care for them.

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