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Life After High School Essay Paper

I remember that towards the terminal of my senior twelvemonth in high school. my parents suggested that I apply to a four-year college. They besides offered to pay for the cost of traveling to college every bit long as I would travel full-time and would get down right after high school. They believed that I would be more prepared to dispute the existent universe by holding a four-year college grade instead than merely a high school sheepskin. Having a higher instruction made the difference in acquiring a good occupation with a nice wage.

Unfortunately. I did non follow my parents’ advice to travel to college right after high school. Alternatively. I decided to look for a occupation because I wanted to be independent. After I had been working at different dead-end occupations and doing minimal pay. I tried to use for better occupations that would pay more than ust the minimal pay. These occupations required a higher instruction such as holding a two or four twelvemonth college grade. which I did non hold. I shortly realized that I had to travel back to school to obtain a higher instruction. I hated the fact that I had fundamentally wasted three old ages.

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Now I encourage my younger sister to travel to college right out of high school. By making so. she wouldn’t waste clip working in dead-end occupations doing minmum pay. Alternatively she would concentrate on acquiring a better instruction which would supply her with a better paying occupation. I didn’t want my sister to larn the difficult manner that she could hold been better off by traveling to college ather than working right out of high school. I felt good to see my sister’s involvement in using early to travel to college right after she graduates from high school.

Although she is still a junior in high school. I am glad she has learned from my error of non taking my parent’s advice when I had the opportunity. Fortunately. I did travel back to school. and now I’m in my last semester of college. I guess it is better tardily than ne’er.

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