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“Let Me In” Review Paper

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Paper type: Review, Subject: Book Reviews

Essay on “Let Me In”

Once in the school social studies lesson, the teacher asked the class: “Do any of you parents are not divorced,” it turned out that half of my classmates parents do not live together. And that’s good, because according to statistics 60% of marriages fail. How many children remain under the care of a parent? How do they live these children? How to make up for the lack of attention to their parents?

Lindqvist describes to us what can happen with these children, did not soften paint, not glossed over the reality. We have before us three versions of events, three boys growing up without a father.

Tommy, as they say, was a bad company. He and his friends to rob the store, sniffing glue, without losing a single case of hooliganism. It is disorderly, uncontrollable child. His mother can not cope with his upbringing. It is only preoccupied with the device of his personal life, and hopes that the new pope will help her to improve her son’s behavior. She does not notice that a future stepfather could not find the approach to the boy, and maybe notice, but looks the other way, because she was so tired to carry this burden alone.

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Johnny, around wants to be like brother, while they both miss their father. And when he gets hold of an album of baby pictures, where they are all together, it is seen that all the anguish and pain that he experiences the separation from the Pope. He became aggressive of this loneliness, and no one who would tell him what to do can be and what can not, does not have the authority to whom it could be.

Finally, Oscar. Modest, diffident boy. He grew up in an atmosphere of care and affection, he is a typical “manenkin son.” He does not know how to stand up for themselves and tolerate bullying by classmates. Oscar can not talk about their problems with her mother, and there is a person with whom he could share. He has no friends, he’s so lonely. But here there is a girl, an unusual girl. She has a lot of strange, but it becomes a friend for him. This girl gives him confidence, gives hope that things will change, now that he no longer facing loneliness. It becomes a beacon in his gloomy, dull life.

The author draws the reader’s attention to the other problems of our reality. Alcoholism, drug addiction, murder, pedophilia. And they are much more afraid of vampires, because these are elements of our reality, not mythical characters.

The book is very dynamic. Interweaving real and the unreal, the author throws us out of school in the bar, from the bar to the playground, a children’s playground in the basement and the closer the end of the book, the scene change more frequently and unwittingly it seems that time is speeding up. At first it was difficult to navigate in this maelstrom of events, but gradually get involved and start obsessing keep track of what they are doing different characters in the same time. The book is fascinating and despite the abundance of bloody scenes, from her hard to break away.

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