The Kite Runner Lessons


Religion is a very big thing in today’s world. It can depend on life or death of a person. Remember Malala, She got shot in the head for being Muslim and wanting women’s education. Imagine seeing someone executed or beaten just because of what they believe in. Today, this is what actually happens. It happens everyday and is a very big problem especially in the Middle East. Today there are lots of rebelist groups taking over people’s rights and abolishing others religions.

In his novel, The Kite Runner. Khaled Hosseini uses many examples on how culture affects how you are treated. He shows that depending on what faith you are, you either will have lots of power, or none at all. He shows this through Hassan being beaten up in the alley, Amir being dragged out and beaten, and Baba.

Kite Runner Lessons

First, Khaled hosseini shows that culture affects how much power you have. He shows this through Hassan being beaten up in the alley.

It says in the book “They held down Hassan and raped him, but I was too scared to do anything.” (45) When hassan is being beaten and raped in the alley, this was all based off of one thing, his religion. Hassan follows the Islamic faith which is the dominant culture where he lives. When Assef Hassan’s attacker doesn’t agree with Hassans beliefs and religion, he plans an attack on him in the alley way. Assef and his gang just brutally torture him and then leave him there.

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Amir his friend just stands around scared and worried, but doesn’t do anything because he is terrified. Assef is the son of a rebel who leads a group spreading his words about others religion. Since Assef is the son of a rebel, he learns hateful words about the Islam faith, that’s why he attacked Hassan. This shows religion is a factor on how people are treated.

Next, Khaled Hosseini shows that culture affects how you are treated. He shows this through amir. In the book, Amir is a Islamic boy who loves to play with his best friend Hassan. Where A…

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The Kite Runner Lessons
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