Where Are Lennie And George From

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Lennie and George are well different from the other ranch workers chiefly unlike the workers who are all shown to be lonely. George and Lennie have each other. They relay on each other and their dreams together. There is a bond of trust and friendly relationship between the two chief characters which is tragically highlighted in the shutting lines of the novel.

The fresh ‘Of Mice and Men’ by John Steinbeck is set in the early 1930’s following the prostration of the New York wall street market known as the depression old ages.

In this clip there was heavy unemployment ; migratory workers from all over America came to California where the novel is set in the Salinas vale in hunt of chances of work. The spread itself is a microcosm of the life for migratory workers in that clip.

their insecurities are shown through the characters such as Curley. Candy. Curley’s married woman and besides the life of Black people through Crooks. All the characters are lonely except for Lennie and George who have each other and this is shown through their hopes and dreams.

Lennie and Georges history together opens up when George negotiations to Reduce a character that everyone respects. even Curley. George openly speaks to Reduce about the incident when George tells Lennie to leap into the river jestingly.

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but to everyone’s surprise Lennie leaps in without oppugning George non gaining he can non swim and about drowns if George didn’t deliverance him. even so Lennie thanks George for salvaging him even though it was George who told him to make it in the first topographic point. At this point George’s fright is shown at Leannie’s inability to grok logical and unlogical things. George realises at that minute that if he is non careful Lennie could make the incorrect thing once more.

George’s other frights are besides shown in the incident at weed. while speaking about it to reduce he describes Lennie being ‘slow’ as he likes to touch everything he likes. merely wants to experience it. So he reaches to experience a misss ruddy frock and the miss shriek. Lennie gets scared all he can believe to make is keep on and that George had to hit him with a fencing lookout to do him allow travel. Again Lennie’s strength becomes an issue and the author about announcing the hereafter. George is afraid of Lennie non understanding right from incorrect and his strength panics George doing him believe that he might to what he did at weed once more.

Lennie is shown to be a kid in a adult males organic structure. throughout the book he wants to be told their dream about like a bed clip narrative and doesn’t feel closing until he has been told it. And once more like a kid he likes soft and fury things associating to the ground why he likes to touch frocks. Lennie’s greatest fright of the all is that he won’t be able to be given the coneies if he did something wrong like the incident at weed once more. he is besides afraid of his ain strength and non being able to allow travel.

Lennie and George’s dream of holding a topographic point of their ain ‘living of the fat of the land’ and Lennie and his lucerne spot and be givening the coneies. keep’s them traveling and trusting that they won’t have to worry about Lennie making the incorrect things once more. and George being able to make what he wants make and non believe about what will go on to Lennie. Their dreams create hope for other characters like Candy and Crooks even for a short piece.

On the face of it. it appears that Lennie. because of his mental immatureness. is wholly reliant upon George for his endurance and for obtaining work at assorted spreads. Equally of import nevertheless. is the extent to which George relies on Lennie for company in the by and large unfriendly and alone environment of the migratory laborer. As George admits to Reduce when discoursing himself and Lennie ‘it’s a batch nicer to travel around with a cat you know’ . It can be seen ; therefore that George might non be with Lennie strictly out of a sense of commiseration or responsibility to Lennie’s aunt Clara.

From the start of the fresh Steinbeck raises the inquiries in the heads of the reader about why these characters should be involved in such an improbable partnership: George is short of stature. intelligent and undertakings assurance. Lennie on the other manus. is a giant of a adult male. heavy in his pace and his head of a immature kid.

The class of events that unfold are tragic. most of it starts with Curley and his insecurity about his tallness and his ever willing to pick a battle with bigger work forces to turn out he is non weak. Steinbeck calls him ciphering and hard-bitten and gives him reptilian animate being like qualities stand foring his behavior to a crocodile while Lennie is shown to hold bear and Equus caballus like qualities compared to animate beings with admirable traits.

Ch 3 Begins when Curley flops in looking for Slim who he thinks is with his married woman. When Slim re-enters the room stating Curley that he’s sick of Curley inquiring him about his married woman. Curley can’t battle with Slim so he moves to Carlson who warns him non to pick a battle with him. as they all join in Curley feels defenceless and so turns on to Lennie given any alibi to contend with him. As Curley begins to contend him. Lennie gives out a call of panic and turns to George for aid as he was excessively frightened to support himself. George instantly gets onto his pess shouting ‘Give it to him Lennie. don’t Lashkar-e-Taiba him make it’ .

George was afraid of Lennie’s strength but he wouldn’t allow Lennie travel down like that he was protective over him. As Curley goes for another blow to the blood covered face. Lennie grabs his fist. Curley is described to be flopping as a fish. Then merely like in weed Lennie held on to the closed fist being crushed by Lennie’s manus. It took both George and Slim to do Lennie allow travel. Curley was warned non to state a word about what happened. After this Curley’s married woman became really interested in what happened really happened to Curley’s manus but cipher spoke to her.

When Lennie kills the whelp in the barn. while inquiring what to make Curley’s married woman comes in. even though he shouldn’t talk to her he does. she tells him how she is lonely and merely wants person to speak excessively. besides how unhappy she is in her matrimony to Curley. this is the lone point in the novel where her narrative comes out. how she was ne’er loved at place. how she married Curley to acquire off from her life. her dreams of going celebrated in films.

As Lennie feels her hair blowholes repeat themselves he can’t allow travel and in her battle to acquire free and Lennie’s fear that she will name George he breaks her cervix in effort to hush her once more his inability to command his strength has taken a bend for the worst. He realises what he has done and remembers that if he did anything bad George said to travel to the coppice where he’d happen him at that place. so Lennie rapidly and softly leaves. Candy is the first to happen her in the barn and gets George who knows immediately what has happened he tells confect to allow him travel to the bunk house first so tell the remainder of them so he doesn’t expression involved.

There dream is destroyed and candy incriminations Curley’s married woman. when he tells the remainder of them Curley shows no mark of compunction all he can make is believe about acquiring Lennie back.

As they all take off to happen Lennie. George manages to happen him foremost by the lake ; even now he is still afraid he won’t be able to be given the coneies. George knows that there is no manner out for them. cognizing Curley he would merely desire to kill him he wouldn’t put him in gaol. and if he let him travel the Lennie couldn’t expression after himself he would decease without nutrient. shelter and person to look after him.

George knew that he would hold to kill him when he found Lennie. Just like Candy’s Canis familiaris to set him out of his wretchedness for the interest of Lennie. Besides he couldn’t allow person else do it he told Lennie about their dream one last clip as he told it he softly put the gun to the dorsum of Lennie’s caput without him gaining and changeable him. it was a understanding putting to death. At the terminal it is Slim who comforts him in stating George that he had to make it.


  1. Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

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