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Lenins Communist Revolution Essay

When looking at Russian history and an examination of the Communist Revolution is made, questions may arise as to whether or not it follows the format and points the Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx lays out.Once the initial surface examination is made, the reader can indulge further to find differences between the idea of Communism and the practice of it, according to Lenin.Furthermore, the reader needs to deem the differences as important or not, so that a statement can be made whether the Revolution was truly communist.In addition, looking at the years following the initial start of the Communist Revolution is important to observe if the ideals of Communism were maintained.
Lenin did support many aspects of the Communist Manifesto in the revolution.In his speech before the Second All-Russian Congress of Soviets of Workers' and Soldiers' Deputies, he states that there will be a new government, one that is of the workers and peasants and is embodied by them in the Soviet organizations.He also reveals ideas for putting land into public purposes, "…which will abolish land ownership."Since the individual does not own the land, it cannot be passed down, therefore abolishing the right of inheritance. Lenin addressed these issues directly in this speech.As well at this time, the Bolsheviks have created a National bank with State capital and an exclusive monopoly, they have taken over factories with ten or more people, and the Commissariat of Transportation has taken control of the railways and waterways; the transportation is in the hands of the State.Every one of these things is practiced in Russia during this period, and every one is exactly the same as that incorporated in the Communist Manifesto's idea of Communism.With this information, it would be safe to conclude that Lenin's revolution was a communist one.However, if a thorough analytical search is made, a discovery can easily b…

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