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“Leningrad poem” Review Paper

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Essay on “Leningrad poem”

And how far, a long time ago

you and I seem to war

at the moment when push hand shutters,

rip off curtains black with windows

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These line Olga Feodorovna Bergholz wrote during the siege of Leningrad, when the air of anxiety lasted for 10-12 hours, and bread were given so little that people fell in the snow by a hungry fainting. And what do the citizens remained exposed to fear, exhausted by hunger and loss? .. hope and believe that the war is over, and they will live up to that point. And even though all lines O.F.Berggolts full of fear, fatigue and all-consuming sadness, but still there remains a place for hope, love and patriotism. These bright impulses break through the wall of despair and sounded loudly-loudly, drowning out all troubles. And when on the cheek roll tears, I know: it’s not out of pity and pride

poetess she was, and the blockade, but in my opinion, it is in the 40s all her talent was opened from all sides. . Difficult time ruined man, but gave life to the poet. Of course, both early and late poems of Olga Feodorovna deserve the attention of the reader, but still, in my mind were the verses written during the siege. These verses, perhaps, gave courage to the soldiers, mothers, wives, children, widows … And I want to believe that in our time of her line – not an empty phrase

I do not read these lines, but I grasp the meaning. them. I do not see it, but I hear her voice. Voice exhausted, tired, but still loud, breaks through the decades, and wafting the truth. And let this truth has long been known, but still, it is not without sense, and she never will be superfluous.

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