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Lasting Impressions Paper

Also, include a section in which you report on the historical roots of the industry as directed in the previous step. Online college degrees and institutions have been popping up all over the world ever the last decade. This increasing trend and industry has been especially interesting to me as a result of my choice and decision to attend college online after 38 years of graduating from high school. When I made the final decision to pursue my online degree, I must have reviewed at least twenty five schools before choosing Jones International university.

Since that time It appears I get at least two emails dally from deferent schools attempting to solicit my enrollment and several schools that have pop up ads to entice me to go back to school. Online colleges are becoming popular as people seek to get degrees from their moms. Starting an accredited online college is a business venture that can be difficult but has the potential to become very profitable. One of the most remarkable advances in education has been the creation of online education, attracting thousands of new students to online programs, and delivering degrees to students who would not have earned them otherwise.

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Online colleges have emerged out of the woodwork basically, causing a stir in the education industry, offering a multitude of online courses through their many degree programs. Since the emergence of the Internet a few decades ago, companies have been slowly evolving ways to educate their employees on the Intricacies of their business methods, a practice which slowly evolved to include pure college courses. The Implementation AT online classes Degas tongue “e-learning” classes Tanat were oases on computer-based learning/training stations which tried to replicate teaching styles.

Later e-learning classes were based on Computer Supported collaborative Learning which encouraged more of a community outlook of sharing knowledge. Early companies used online classes in the sass as a way to convey information to their employees through email and other early methods. These were the early days of the internet, and many companies used this form of email to Just communicate with their coworkers and employees.

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