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Lamb to the Slaughter – Summary and Critique Paper

Lamb to the Slaughter, by Roald Dah,l is a very devious story. As the story begins with a very innocent six month pregnant housewife, Mary Maloney, it seems to have a domestic twist you would not believe. As Mary is waiting for her husband, Patrick Maloney, to arrive home after his long day at the police station. It begins with a very normal evening, as any story might go Mary checks the clock waiting for her lovely husband to come home so he can see all that she prepared for him such as a strong whiskey drink. Every Thursday night, the duo has a ritual of going out to eat but Patrick was in no mood to go out, he came home in an unusual mood and took two incredibly stronger drinks than what he occasionally took. Mary was in lust having her husband home and close to her, but he is acting as if he can not spit out what he’s wanting to say to Mary. She notices something is wrong when Patrick takes two whole gulps and finishes the strong whiskey drink his wife had made him, but had the nerve to get up for a second but in which this time would be much stronger. Patrick came home late many nights, that which indeed lead Mary to have enough. He then tells her after many drinks he was leaving her for another woman and would make sure that her and their soon to be new born child would be well taken care of after he left. Then after that, Mary still had the audacity to offer to make him supper once she found out about his plan on leaving. With that being said Mary tries to avoid the conversation by offering him a home cooked meal.

Mary then made her way to the kitchen and pulls out a frozen Lamb to cook supper but rudely enough Patrick proceeds to tell her he was not hungry which sent Mary over the edge, causing her to smack Patrick in the back of the head with the frozen lamb she was going to cook him for dinner. When trying to avoid the situation Mary nerves start to unravel making her snap. With her snapping, Mary’s subconscious mind lead…

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