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“Lady Chatterley’s Lover” Review Paper

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Essay on “Lady Chatterley’s Lover”

Lady Chatterley’s Lover – book sensual, but gentle, bold and delicate at the same time. She talks about what not to say so openly, but does not pass the line intimate purity.

Once the novel was banned for publication and was considered scandalous, but nothing shocking to the modern reader it does not have, nor should have been and at the time of writing, because to say directly what needs to be said, does not mean the destruction of moral and ethical principles. On the contrary, this book raises to new heights very notion of love, not distinguishing between carnal love and spiritual

On the pages of his so wise, still pressing the idea that it is impossible to say: “And people do not change – change. only entourage. ” The book is multi-layered, rich, loudly, as if Lawrence, anticipating a quick death in a hurry to tell the world everything that had accumulated in his heart and his mind.

The writer speaks of human nature and of nature in general, an industrial monsters and wilderness protection forests, sensuality and about the ability of people to speak. About prejudice and borders, to overcome that is to really open yourself

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The spiritual life when fettered body may not be complete -. The infringement of one or the other leads to personal conflicts, to an imbalance of life in society and the life of the inner, hidden from prying eyes. So Chatterleev cleared forest planted with young oaks – it’s just a lingering wound in the back where the unnatural fusion of age-old power of children’s vulnerability and new trees. And in the same way as the crippled Clifford Chatterley -. This compound handsome, strong man, strong-willed businessman, catcher glory and behind this way crippled hurt child, shackled by the war to a wheelchair

“At the sight of the felled area Clifford always terribly angry. he went through the war and knew what death and destruction. But he had never felt such rage, as the day when I first saw this bare hill. and though he immediately ordered that he started planting new trees , at his soul stuck acute hatred of Sir Geoffrey “.

The wife of Clifford, Connie, inappropriate in the industrial heart of England because of its similarity to the forest hyacinth, not trying to return from Clifford spheres of his own despair. Its role is passive – the husband adores her as a kind of Madonna, considering the spiritual closeness of the greatest happiness of the spouses. And Constance did not consider liaisons something significant. She gets her lover, but in reality because only freed at the time of boredom

“-. It is surprising, sighed, Connie – how differently you feel in a fresh, beautiful day And on ordinary days it seems. . that even the air half-dead people manage to kill even the air

-. do you think people do – he asked

-. Yes, I think people radiate so much longing and. frustration, anger and irritation, it kills all living things in the air. I am convinced of this “.

She lives and do not live as if in a fog, in the smoke tevershelskoy mine leaked ayut her days. If you do not think it’s like a sticky sleep, but in reality exist is similar to the oppressive despair, loneliness and hopelessness in which dies its youth, beauty and female power – the power of mothers living in it

Connie. – a smart woman, but first of all it is – is a woman. To live, it needs to feel loved -.! Is not revered, not revered by her husband with a frightening fanaticism, but simply loved, lively, soft

“Desecration You can feel defiled, even if you no one touched. Desecration of the dead Word made nepristoyanostyami, desecrated dead thoughts that became a mania “.

Connie endlessly lost. Cut off from the busy society, it nevertheless does not aspire to it, but yearns for something new, the unknown. It is, in the first color to dissolve in greenery, reviving every spring the forest, but not in the walls of a lab Rugby Hall, who became her dungeon.

casual affair? He is no longer interested in her. Child? Unthinkable. Divorce? The thought did not even occur to her. For the time being.

Until such time as in the front plane of the narrative does not appear her husband’s gamekeeper, Oliver Mellorz.

Forester! What mesalliance what shameful relationship. Whether it is a person of her own circle, it would not have been blamed by society. But the forester!

So could think Connie, if he had not turned out to be one person with her level, but at the same time stronger and more sensitive, more vulnerable and more honest. And if all this, he did not disclose the very Lady Chatterley.

“He thought she was as close to him as he to it”.

Mellorz was a gentleman in spirit and education, but he was as alien to cruel and cynical world, like Connie.

“it is only now it has become a truly realize how much mean manners. he also realized how important it is to a lady at least pretended not to fuss over every penny, and if they do not care about little things in life. But ordinary people do not know how to do this type. For them, a tiny change in bacon on more important measurable prices . Neny in evangelical him it seemed horrible “

.” – Do you want me to tell you – she asked, looking him in the face -. If you want, I’ll call you what you have, but there is no ??? other men of that form the basis of future tell you

– Well, tell me – he answered

– this is the courage of your tenderness – that’s what it is: a. you do not afraid to be gentle, not afraid of putting my hand, lower back, to say that I have a beautiful ass

smile played

On his face -.. Oh, that! – said

Then again plunged into a thoughtful silence

-.. Well, – he said at last, – your truth. The way it is. And so it has always been. Tenderness need even between men, I knew it by the army. I had to talk to the soldiers, including physically. I had to show them some affection, although it asked them heat. This question of coherence between the people of the mood of each other, in the words of the Buddha. But even he was ashamed to talk about bodily vzaimooschuschenii, a completely natural physical tenderness between people, it is better that just did not happen in this world, even in the relations between men, of course, if it appears restrained, manly ,. In fact, it makes them real men, not some monkeys.

More importantly, the tenderness between a man and a woman, tenderness in his relation to her, to her cunt. Sex, in fact – is not nothing but a touch, the closest of contact. But it was touch and we fear the most. We are only half-conscious of ourselves, half feel ourselves alive. So we just have to rouse themselves, are obliged to know the fullness of vzaimooschuscheny “

In these effluents -. The essence of the novel, its essence and power of book is beautiful in its own way complicated, and therefore is a must-read

throughout history, waiting for the drama, even tragedy, but Lawrence tenderly protects their heroes

narrative Final – open window:. stifling our society need to ventilate, get rid of the arrogance, hypocrisy and prejudice have heroes. It is a choice, but the choice of them is clear: fight, though, and peace, and life – for the sake of w . Life Span It takes courage, but courage comes with love is simply yes, but extremely difficult, yet not experienced this myself

PS My word of advice -.?., Read a book in translation Chuhno It is more flat out. than he that is in the network.

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