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“Lady Chatterley’s Lover” Review Paper

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Paper type: Review, Subject: Book Reviews

Essay on “Lady Chatterley’s Lover”

A long time ago, at a time when the crazy book bazaars on gray paper, badly decorated, with errors in the text of a pile lay and Lawrence, with its intriguing “pornographic” a novel, and “Thriller” A.Redklif and Hoffmann (everything was not afraid of the word, in a heap), this book gave me a friend’s birthday. I began to read. And he throws. I almost spat. I then dreamed of romantic love androgynous – interpenetration, reading Jena romantics, and the heroine of the novel, of course, seemed almost depraved reptile, a traitor, who betrayed the idea of ​​holy love. But I noticed that my mother in a strange little book, then tidied up and does the reading secretly from the raging daughter (she was with me in the literary controversy did not enter, but skillfully provoked interest in an author). And so it happened. The book was donated by someone many years later bought a second time, again by chance. And she caught me by the arm when I started to rage around the amorous passions friends, looking at that, I realized with horror that my idea of ​​androgynous love can not withstand any test trials of family life. She remembered her mother’s sentimental sighs … and began to read, of course, read in one gulp, “tears over fiction” sweating. Before it was a pity the heroine. And in some places, and the hero, too.

In previous reviews in some detail to explain the essence of the novel. On a personal note, what really, I did not come across more than a chaste depiction of erotic scenes (no pornography, of course, there is no trace), more reverent attitude of the author to every sensual movements of the heroine, do not always understand what was happening to her. “Sentimental Education” With the current knowledge of our children in the area, not only erotic, I have this book introduced a course recommended for compulsory reading section. Although they knew that love and sensual -. It is beautiful

But for myself, I made a conclusion here. Roman beautiful, but all understand the depth is still only a mature woman (of men will not say anything because it does not know of any man who has read the novel).

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