Microbes Are Everywhere Lab Report

I would define an addiction as a behavior or activity that is psychologically and/or physiologically habit forming that a person chronically feels compelled to repeat. 2. Name three examples of common, socially acceptable addictions. Backbone, Coffee, Shopping. 3. Name three examples of common, socially unacceptable addictions. LSI, Cocaine, Heroin 4. What are three common challenges to addiction recovery (of any addiction or of specific addictions)? Acceptance on the part of the addict of their problem, fear of relapse, temptations. . Why is it important to ask for help when dealing with an addiction? Support group for addicts can be very helpful because members can help each other and understand that there are other people facing the same challenges as themselves.

It allows them to see that they are not alone and that there are people there who are willing to help them as much as they want to help themselves. Family and friends of addicts can also help them by being supportive ND creating an environment that minimizes temptations in order to allow the addict to recover.

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Family and friends are often more aware of the addicts weaknesses and can identify the beginning of a relapse before an addict can see it coming. The way that others see us is often quite different from the way we see ourselves and this is especially true for addicts. Addicts often don’t have a clear picture of themselves or the world around them and friends and family can be particularly helpful to them for this reason.

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6. Why may some people fear seeking help from others for an addiction, specially in a “church” atmosphere?

Fear of judgment, rejection and sterilization by others in the church. 7. How can addictions stem from a desire to have needs met and why is this considered a “spiritual basis” for addictions? People who have addictions usually have something missing in their lives or they feel that their life is so awful that they need some outlet through which they can escape the painful reality of their lives. Instead of turning to God for help, they turn to their addiction to fill the missing holes in their life. In recovery language, what is meant by “acceptance”? Acceptance is when the addict understands that they indeed have an addiction and they are willing to admit their problem to others. 9. In recovery settings, what is the difference between quitting and surrendering? Quitting is when someone decides to stop their addictive behavior for some period of time. Quitting is not always permanent and addicts often have a tendency to relapse. This is because addicts are often not in control and the addiction is usually in control of the addict.

Surrendering is the act of surrendering to this idea and understanding that when one surrenders, they are not in control and they do not know what the outcome will be. This is often what happens when an addict stops engaging in an addictive behavior. 10. What is the purpose of the 12 steps of AAA? The twelve steps of AAA allows addicts to slowly admit to their addiction, understand it and overcome it by turning to a higher power. Quitting is viewed as an ongoing process and a gradual growth, rather than something that just happens in an instant.

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